Five Tips For Making A Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Woman in a hotel room

Staying away from home can feel lonely, particularly if it’s for work or something other than an adventure traveling. Many people find that work travel can become burdening and chip away at our mental health, exacerbating issues such as anxiety and depression.

However, for many, it’s part and parcel of their lives, and managing mental health is an important aspect of that. Seeing a professional at a private mental health clinic can help with this, while there are ways in which you can make a hotel room feel a little more like home and reduce the likes of loneliness, anxiety, and stress.

Many people have different tactics for this, and below are five top tips for making a hotel room feel a little more homely.

Personal Touches

First and foremost, adding personal touches to the room can really help, whether that be favourite photographs, scented candles or a small piece of decor that is sentimental. The likes of blankets and even your pillow can also help.

Many people take their own coffee or tea for that sense of familiarity. Essentially, if there’s something at home which is easily packable and will provide you with comfort, it can be worth bringing and can really make a difference to your sleep quality and overall ease in a hotel room.

Unpack and Organize

Living out of a backpack or suitcase can add to that unsettled feeling in a hotel room. Taking the time to unpack and hang up clothes can make the space feel less temporary, more organized and more like your own space.

It’s a task that can take less than five minutes but will certainly make all the difference.

Create Ambiance

One of the main problems why people struggle with their mental health in a hotel room is that the space isn’t very inviting. Especially among the budget end of hotel rooms, they’re very basic, very plain and don’t have much of an atmosphere, except a rather isolated one.

Adding various personal touches can help improve the ambiance of a room. Adjusting the lighting by using bedside lamps or throws over certain lighting can be a good way to set a mood, while bringing a speaker to play calming music can also be helpful. What’s more, if your hotel allows, why not bring along a vase and add some fresh flowers to a space. This can be especially beneficial if you’re staying for a few days.

Try and Stick to Routine

Staying away from home can really throw our routines, and this is often what can cause an upset in our mental health. Do what you can to stick to your daily routine. If that means bringing a yoga mat along with you, or heading out for a run first thing, make sure you do that.

If you have a certain breakfast each morning, bring it along. By incorporating familiar habits into your stay, you’ll create that continuity and comfort you need in your daily life.

Utilize Room Service

Finally, utilize room service. Going out alone isn’t for everyone and can be a daunting experience for many people, so use the tips above to make your room more inviting and utilize any room service that’s available. This will allow you to create a more comforting evening experience where you can put your feet up, watch TV and get that similar home routine.

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