Making Your Extreme Dreams a Reality in the U.K.

When many people think of taking a trip to the UK, they picture walking down quant, historic streets and doing little but take in the charm of the region. While this leisurely vacation is an option, you don’t have to spend your time in the UK letting your days roll uneventfully by. If you are brave of heart and eager to experience a thrill, make your trip to the UK one full of exciting, death-defying adventure. Though not as quintessentially UK as some of the more classic vacation recreation options, the UK is full of uncommon escapes that will thrill and delight even the most passionate adventure junkie. After arming yourself with travel medical insurance specifically for the UK to cover you should you experience an injury while thrill seeking, give some of these options a go.

Swim the Corryvreckan Gulf

The Corryvreckan Gulf, a short span of water that stretches between the islands of Jura and Scarba in Scotland, is home to the world’s third largest whirlpool. The result of the rapid change in the depth of the water as it rushes through this narrow span between the two landmasses makes the water here turbulent and hard to navigate, adding a level of difficulty to what otherwise would be a relatively easy swim. Though not something that you should attempt without backup, swimming this distance can provide you just the adrenaline rush you seek.

Somerset Human Catapult

The thrill of being tossed through the air like a ragdoll brought tourists to the human catapult in Somerset, England. This giant catapult launched riders into the air, tossing them into a net. Though not for the faint of heart, this diversion offered an unparalleled thrill for participants.

Hebridean Challenge

Lovers of extreme adventure physically fit enough to subject themselves to a grueling five-day challenge of endurance can try this Outer Hebrides, Scotland race. Participants in the approximately 700 km race partake in a variety of strenuous activities, including a sea swim, road biking, mountain biking, running and sea kayaking. Not only does this activity allow for thrilling and endurance-testing adventure, it also gives participants the chance to take in the natural beauties of the region.

Isle of Wight Thundercat Racing

Traversing the Isle of Wight in inflatable catamarans at impressive speed is enough to get anyone’s blood pumping. If this sounds like a thrill-inducing option in which you may be interested, try this Isle of Wight activity. With lush English hills in the backdrop, this activity provides you much to see as well, though moving at such speed may make it tough to take in the wonders as they rush by.

Perthshire, Scotland Canyoning

Spend your U.K. vacay plunging down the sides of canyons by going canyoning in Perthshire, Scottland. This Scottish landscape is home to a collection of canyons that’ll allow you to test your skills and your bravery. Pair up with some other experienced mountaineers and explore them, putting your physical stamina to work while studying the beauty of the natural landscape.

Opportunities for thrill-seekers to get the adrenaline rush they seek abound in the UK. Don’t drop the UK from your vacation possibilities list because you think this destination only offers the laidback vacation options that many folks immediately think of. Instead, explore some of the less-common and more adrenaline-inducing options that are available to travelers to the U.K.

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