Sun And Sea Only, Or Is There More To Mediterranean Islands?

The Hidden Gems in the Mediterranean Sea

It is a fact that pearls are usually hidden and well preserved making them unnoticed by many. However, when they’re discovered, they quench the boredom of many. We are talking about the rare gems in the Mediterranean Sea in the name of beautiful islands. Perhaps the most popular and the overall winner is Malta. No wonder tourists always travel to Malta for their holidays.

It is amazing how this sea is a home for more than 189 islands distributed across the sea and owned by different countries. All of them play a vital role in boosting their country’s economy from tourism; making them important sources of income.

Top 5 Islands in the Sea

Islands are pleasant spots of running away and forgetting the hassles and noises in the mainland.

However, no islands can melt away the stress, like the ones in the Mediterranean especially during the summer because of their variety. Take a look at some of them.

1. Malta

This is one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean Sea, which is more than a mere island; it’s one of the rare tourist pearls in the world. Characterized by the sun and stunning beaches, this island has become an attraction of many, especially during winter. In this island, the sun is never limited by winter or any season.

With its beautiful package comprising great history, pretty scenery, stunning beaches, sun in over 300 days a year, a mix of cultures, great entertainment, and common English language, no one can refuse to embrace the package. Just travel to Malta for your holidays; there is no need for you to freeze in your country during winter.

Whether you are into water, beaches, basking in the sun, exploring new sites and monuments or just to explore the town, this island is there to offer you all that you need. Besides, you don’t have to break your bank to be in Malta for your holiday.

2. Formentera

This island bears a close resemblance to the Caribbean because of its gentle transparent water and warm white sandy beach. No matter how populated it is during summer, you can always find a quiet spot where you can enjoy some of the freshest fish.

3. Sardinia

If you have a heavy pocket then you can enjoy helicopter rides and some fairways on this island. It is mostly for the well-up and wealthiest guys. It has very luxurious and fabulous beaches, boutiques, granite peaks, yachts, and bars.

4. Mallorca

If you want your children to adore you forever, then this is their fix. It has not only children friendly coastlines but also friendly to the elderly. Its shallow water and golden sand make it suitable for family. Watersports like surfing are common too.

5. Santorini

Are you a newly married couple? This is your destination to build your love bonds stronger. The great reflection of the sun on the sea at dawn or at dusk creates a romantic environment for lovers.

It is true that Mediterranean Sea brings a whole new transformation and perspective when it comes to holiday destinations and tourism. Being a home of all these beautiful islands that reflect various cultures of different countries, the sea still remains a glorious vacation destination that you should purpose to attend in your next holiday.

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