Top Destinations for Multi-Centre Holidays

Anyone that’s been trawling through the web for vaction ideas at the moment might have come across a new option from travel agents. The ‘multi-centre’ holiday/vacation isn’t exactly a brand new idea, more of a re-packaging of an old one, but it’s proving to be a big hit with travelers. The basic idea is that you pay for your trip as one package, but choose multiple locations. Usually vendors offer two places in the same country, or sometimes even two separate counties in the same vicinity. This means you can mix and match top destinations to make one perfect getaway, and often get a bargain as a result. Here are some examples of this new breed of offer.

Rome and Florence

One of the main multi-centre locations that people are taking advantage of at the moment is Italy. Back when recreational travel first became more popular with the upper class in England, visiting Rome and Florence in one trip was a must-do. Now it’s being reinvented with package holidays that take all of the headaches out of organizing a complex trip, and give you an outstanding experience. Take in the incredible Roman remains in the country’s capital, and then travel on to the fruits of the renaissance in a hotel with rooftop views in Florence.

Bangkok and Phuket

You might be surprised to find that multi-centre deals can take you much further afield too. You can now experience Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand. Several nights in a skyscraper hotel in Bangkok, in the city’s incredible business centre, contrast beautifully with a week on a natural island off the southwest coast. Phuket is opening up to package holidays having long been a hidden treasure, and offers something like the Venice of Thailand, only with incredibly beaches too.

Hong Kong and Fiji

You might not have thought of combining them before, but Hong Kong and Fiji are another sample of multi-centre creativity. Hong Kong continues to thrive as an economic capital in the Far East, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost its sense of culture. You can take in boat rides and traditional cuisine alongside breathtaking skyscraper views. Fiji on the other hand allows you access to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the word, and crystal blue pacific waters. Having the chance to enjoy these locations in one trip is a real treat.

Dubai and Maldives

Another way of combining cityscape with tropical bliss is to take in Dubai and the Maldives in one journey. Dubai is well-known for its luxury. You won’t be disappointed if you come here looking for pampering spas and the best food from around the world. And when you’re done with that, the chance to enjoy the best weather in the Indian Ocean, and experience some great local culture, gives you a really balanced holiday. These are just a few examples of the packages on offer at the moment, but it’s easy to see why it’s really taking off. You can save a lot of money by paying for two or more brilliant locations as a package too.

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