Top 5 Must-See Destinations in Prague

Prague is a specific destination which has a lot to offer to its visitors. It’s not surprising that Prague’s tourism industry is one of most developed in all of Europe. Prague provides excitement, entertainment, amazing architecture, and history to both travelers and locals. The city of Prague is a favorite weekend travel destination to most European travelers. However,  it’s barely possible to see all of the main attractions and enjoy all the magic Prague has to offer in just one or two days. No visit would be complete without experiencing the wonderful sights seen below:

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the most popular attraction you will see in whole city, which is acknowledged by locals as “Hradcany”. This glorious castle was the home for Czech and Bohemian kinds for many centuries and presently contains the office of the President. Prague Castle is the biggest castle in Europe of its type and Prague also is home to a number of authoritative historical buildings like Old Royal Palace, Basilica of Saint George, National Gallery, Saint Vitus Cathedral and more.

Old Town Square

At the center of Prague’s medieval Old Town is the expansible Old Town Square. In the beginning it was the home of an 11th century city marketplace, today it’s best known for making up the position from a few of Prague’s best iconic scenes. Inside the circumference of the square’s cobble floors are the gothic skyscraper Town Hall, the baroque attics from Saint Nicholas and the twin towers from Tyn Church, surrounded with cafes and shops.

Charles Bridge

Similar to Old town Square, Charles Bridge is a “must-see” destination in the city of Prague. Charles Bridge is one of most famous bridges in Europe. It crosses the river of Vltava in the center of Prague. Construction of the bridge dates from 1357, ordered by King Charles IV. Charles Bridge is important to the city for a lot reasons, most significantly it connects Prague Castle with Old Town. The bridge is around 1600 feet long and while you walk you can enjoy 30 statues located on either side of the bridge made in the Baroque style.

The Powder Tower

The Powder Tower represents the main gate into the Old Town. It is one of 13 gates located all around Prague. Powder tower is builder in the Gothic style and it’s one of the oldest gates in city. Construction of Powder Tower started in 1475. The tower was first named “Mountain Tower” but now the tower is used for soldiers to protect the gate of city, as gun powder is stored inside. This is how tower got its present name.

Tyn Church

Tyn Church is located at the center of Old Town Square. It embodies the Gothic architectural style of the city. The Church has a black roof and contains black and gold interior. The original name of church is “Church of Our Lady Before Týn” and it dates from the 14th century. Prague visitors enjoy sitting in cafes around Old Town Square, drinking coffee and admiring the beautiful church.

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