5 Popular Trails in North America You will Want to Experience

Whether you do it by yourself or with some friends, hiking along trails can be a fun experience. You not only get great exercise; you can also see some very beautiful things along the way. As you are walking or jogging along a trail, you can admire the wildlife and nature around you. There are thousands of hiking trails in North America, so it can be difficult to choose one. Here are some of the best hiking trails in North America.

Lands End Trail

Lands End Trail is located in San Francisco and offers breathtaking views along the way. The trail is approximately three miles long and fairly easy to complete. When you are walking along this trail, you will see gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, and cliffs. Don’t forget to take your camera with you because you will want to take photos of everything you see.

Barnes Creek Trail

Located in the northern part of Washington, Barnes Creek Trail offers an experience that you will never forget. The trail starts at about 800 feet in elevation and ascends to 1,600 feet in just three miles. During your hike, you will see red cedar trees, amazing cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, and fascinating plants.

Highline Trail

Highline Trail is one of the most popular trails in Glacier National Park in Montana. It is almost eight miles long and provides plenty of views of mountains, trees, and animals like bears, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep. This trail is easier to complete than the other trails in the park because it isn’t too elevated. However, there can be rainy and windy conditions along this trail, so make sure to bring a good rain jacket with you.

La Cloche Silhouette Trail

If you are an experienced hiker and not afraid of a challenge, you should consider hiking at La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Ontario. This trail is 48 miles long and typically takes 10 days to complete. The west side of this trail is pretty moderate and crosses small streams and rivers. The east side, on the other hand, is much more challenging. It crosses forests and wetlands over rocky ridges.

Long Trail

The Long Trail is located in Vermont and is the first long-distance hiking trail established in the United States. This trail provides over 273 miles of footpath and 175 miles of side paths and features ponds, hardwood forests, streams, and bogs along the way.

Whether you hike along the Long Trail or Lands End Trail, you will have a memorable experience.

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