Outdoor Adventures in North Wales to Visit With Your Kids

Are you looking for a serene yet adventurous destination for spending quality time with your kids this summer? North Wales is the perfect location for your whole family with its mesmerizing natural beauty as well as rich cultural heritage. It presents before tourists a large array of adventure activities to indulge in according to their age and preference. Most of the adventurous sites are ideal for the whole family including kids.

Here is a list of the five outdoor adventure activities in North Wales that you can enjoy with your kids. So get ready for the adrenaline pumping experience this summer:

Visit Anglesey Sea Zoo

The Anglesey Sea Zoo situated on the coast of the Menai Strait is a perfect getaway foryour kids in any weather condition. They will get the opportunity to see different kinds of dangerous sea creatures like sea horse and shark to the absolutely innocent and colorful ones. In this zoo about 150 species of sea animals, found on this part of the earth, are well protected and the kids will enjoy watching them in their natural habitat. The two things that the kids must explore while wondering round this sea zoo are the shipwreck and the virtual scuba simulator which will provide the kids with the opportunity to have a real- time experience without getting wet.

Mountain Biking

North Wales houses some of the best cycling routes of the world, which is ideally suited for different age groups. Starting from flat cycling route to bumpy mountain biking, different kinds of cycling routes are present on North Wales to choose from. It is rightly called the biker’s heaven as they get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of North Wales while traversing round the region. They can also get engrossed in bird watching or discover the ancient relics on their bike. It will be certainly very exciting.

Gorge Scrambling

Have you ever tried a joy ride on a canoe? If not, then the gorge of North Wales can be the ideal place to try this adventure sport along with your kids as the waterways are not too steep and perfectly suitable for the beginners. Feel the adrenaline rush in your body, while traversing on the bumpy waterways under the guidance of the trained instructor.Your kids will thoroughly enjoy this natural roller coaster ride.

Pony Trekking

North Wales also presents before the tourists the opportunity to observe its natural beauty on the horse back. The Welsh cobs, who are known for their relaxed manner, will be your perfect companion even if you have no experience in horse riding. Venture along the tree lined trails of the countryside of this beautiful region in a relaxed mood with your kids to make memories of a lifetime.

Rock Climbing

Another adventure that you can consider trying with kids, while venturing around NorthWales is rock climbing. The Snowdonia Mountains present before the adventure sports lovers a large variety of topography to choose from. Expert trainers will suggest you the ideal trail according to your ability and constantly guide you in your latest quest.

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