Paris – The All Time Favorite Honeymoon Destination

Dubbed as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is a hotspot for honeymooners and art lovers. The city is also the fashion capital of the world, and the constant presence of events and activities there makes it one of the most happening places in the world. Even though it is bustling with tourists at all times of the year, the city offers privacy and a dreamy atmosphere that lovers long for. Even when you are just taking a walk on the streets of Paris, hand-in-hand with your partner, you will feel the romance in the air.

Best Time to Visit

Being the most romantic city in the world, Paris is also a favorite destination for weddings. The city is most beautiful in autumn and spring, when you can enjoy the slight drizzles in the afternoon. Plan your wedding and honeymoon such that you are there during the most romantic season. Avoid visiting in August, which is the most crowded and the hottest month in Paris.

What to See and Do

Paris has a lot to offer for tourists, especially couples. The city is a place to spend your vacation in style and luxury, take a romantic cruise on the Seine, enjoy French delicacies and wine with your loved one. The city is well connected and you can travel by trains and taxis to explore it. Or you could stroll along the city streets and enjoy the coffee and the baguettes at the road-side, local cafes. Here are some of the things you should do when honeymooning in Paris.

View from the Top

A trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. The view of Paris from the tower is simply awesome, especially when the city is dazzling with lights in the evening. But the Eiffel tower is not the only place to see the cityscape. You can also see the entire city from the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame, which is near the Gothic gargoyles.

Take a Romantic Trip

From Paris, you can take a short trip to the famous Chateau de Versaille, which was home to the French royals. Take a bottle of wine, cheese and baguettes to snack on the expansive grounds of the palace. Continue your train journey further up to see one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Europe, the Chartres cathedral.

A Walk in the Park

If all you need is some space for bonding with your partner, then Paris has a number of beautifully landscaped parks and gardens for you. Whether you want to take a walk in the park, or find a cozy spot just to snuggle and talk, the gardens provide the ideal setting for couples. One such park you should visit is the Luxembourg Gardens, which is next to the stunning Luxembourg Castle.

A Romantic Dinner

Nothing beats the pleasure of enjoying a sumptuous meal with a bottle of French wine. Plan a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower, or just enjoy wine in your hotel balcony, whichever suits you best. Head to one of the best jazz clubs in the region and end the day listening to the peppy sounds of Paris.

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