Your Pigeon Forge Guide For First Timers

Laurel Falls

Let’s face it, almost every individual in today’s age lives a hectic life in one way or another. We go through certain challenges daily, whether family commitments or demanding job responsibilities. And the rise of COVID-19 cases worldwide increased our frustration when governments restricted us to our homes. As a result, many travel lovers had to deal with restrictions for more than a year. Undeniably, these trying times had a significant toll on our mental health.

However, the good news is things have eased slightly now. Today, governments worldwide have opened their borders and eased travel restrictions. So do you wish to compensate for the lost travel time? If so, you might be looking forward to the much-needed vacation. Chances are you already have jotted down the places you want to visit. Does your list have Pigeon Forge on the top? That’s great!

Situated in Sevier County, Tennessee, the mountainous resort city is becoming one of the most well-known and well-liked tourist destinations in the United States. The popular destination welcomes millions of visitors each year of all age groups. After all, the beautiful destination has something for everyone, from captivating landscapes to exhilarating outdoor activities and historical spots to incredible dining options.

However, if you are visiting Pigeon Forge for the first time, you might be unsure what sites to see and what things to do to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. But no worries, the below article can guide you about the things to do as a first-time visitor to the beautiful place:

Spend a day in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Although there are plenty of attractions in Pigeon Forge, start your trip by heading to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The National Park is a primary factor that makes Pigeon Forge a well-liked vacation spot. Whether you are in quest for some exhilarating activity or need to soak yourself in nature’s tranquility, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has everything.

So, stop by the Sugarlands Visitor Center, which features different exhibits and resources, including maps and booklets. You can also watch a twenty-minute film if you want a great introduction to the Park. Since the location of the Visitor Center is near the entrance of the Park, you can use this as a starting point for a short hike. You can consider three great hikes from the center: Cataract Falls, Fighting Creek Nature Trail, and Gatlinburg Trail.

Next, explore the most peaceful spot inside the Park – Cades Cove. The popular destination is the 11-mile motor trail, featuring Appalachian history. In addition, the valley-like location allows you to witness wildlife views. Many trails lead to beautiful waterfalls, like Laurel Falls (pictured above). Lastly, don’t forget to plan a picnic in this admirable Park with your travel group and relish the natural beauty.

Visit the Island

The Island is one of the famous tourist attractions you cannot miss during your trip to Pigeon Forge. Upon entering this spot, you will feel like you have stepped into an entirely new and beautiful city. It’s more like a one-stop destination where you will find everything from cafes and stores to games, restaurants, and more. The best thing about this fascinating destination is there is no entrance fee.

So begin your tour of the Island by visiting the Great Smoky Mountains Wheel, situated near the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The modern-day Ferris wheel will help you ascend 200 feet in the air in a climate-controlled glass gondola.

If you are seeking some thrill on your trip, head to the Island Ropes Course. There are two different rope courses: Sky Tykes and Sky Trail Explorer. The first course is a little closer to the ground, perfect for someone less than 48 inches tall. On the other hand, Sky Trail Explorer is a 3-story adventure with 30 obstacles, two ziplines, and a short jump. It is a perfect adventurous activity for both kids and adults. Other popular destinations you must not forget to visit on the Island include Alcatraz East Crime Museum, The Escape Game, Puzzled Etc., Island Bumper Cars, etc.

Experience pigeon forge’s spectacular shows

While it is impossible to see all the fun and entertaining shows in Pigeon Forge on your first trip, there are a few that you would love and can’t miss at any cost. So are you looking for dinner and a show in one place? Pigeon Forge has got you covered!

Make your evening full of laughter by visiting the famous funniest show – The Comedy Barn. Here, you will meet talented comedians, magicians, jugglers, and other performers that will leave you in hysterics with their clean humor.

Next, enjoy Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show, where you will see the feud between two families. In this show, not only will you witness hilarious comedy. But you will also get inspired by their dancing, singing, and stunts. However, be sure to come here hungry so you can fill your tummy with Granny’s Southern Cooking.

If you wish to see the Pirates, head to the Pigeon Forge’s newest production: Pirate’s Voyage Dinner & Show. The fascinating part about this show is you will see exotic birds, mermaids, and other things. And you may also enjoy a four-course pirate feast while you watch the incredible performance.

Don’t skip Dollywood

What’s a vacation without the theme park, right? Thus, visit the local amusement park in Pigeon forge – Dollywood, founded by the renowned country singer Dolly Parton. The 150-acre amusement park was ranked the eighth-best theme park in the world during TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2020 Awards.

As you stroll through the classic theme park, upbeat bluegrass music plays throughout, and the air is full of the delicious smell of cuisine.

Since the tourist spot is a popular theme park, you can enjoy plenty of adrenaline-pumping rides here. Some popular roller coasters you must experience should include Tennessee Tornado, Lightning Rod, Wild Eagle, Blazing Fury, Thunderhead, Daredevil Falls, etc.

Are you a bit queasy about the thrilling rides? There is no need to worry; there are other activities besides rides in the world-class theme park. For instance, irrespective of the season you choose to visit Pigeon Forge, there is always a new festival that you may enjoy. The Flower & Food Festival begins in spring or early summer. In addition, the Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Luminights decorate the theme park with seasonal foods and decorations in the fall. The other two festivals are Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration and Smoky Mountain Christmas.


There is no denying that Pigeon Forge is Tennessee’s one of the most stunning and captivating tourist destinations. Visitors are usually in awe of this small city’s breathtaking beauty, which is set against the picturesque Great Smoky Mountains. The beautiful destination is home to magnificent views, spectacular shows, enthralling historic buildings, thrilling outdoor adventures, mouth-watering restaurants, and more. In a nutshell, once you visit Pigeon Forge, you will surely love the stunning destination. And you will want to come back again and again to spend your vacations.

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