Places to Visit for a Weekend Just Outside of Sydney

If you live in Sidney or if you are visiting this beautiful city, keep in mind that while Sidney definitely has a lot to offer, there are also wonderful and exciting places outside the city that you can visit. These places are all within a few hours driving distance and they can all provide you with an amazing travelling experience that you will remember forever.

Port Stephens

One of such places is Port Stephens, which is located in the Hunter region and it is only a two and a half hour drive from Sydney. If you like spending time on the beach and in the nature, then this is definitely the place for you. There are numerous exciting activities that are available to more adventurous types and for those that are looking for a more laid back way to spend their time, there are wonderful bays and national parks that they can enjoy.

Hunter Valley

Another place that represents a perfect weekend destination is the Hunter Valley, which is located no more than two hours from Sydney. This area is famous for its amazing wineries where some of the best Australian wines are made. Visitors can take wine classes, do a wine tasting tour or they can simply spend a day cycling, horse riding and enjoying the nature. Those interested in a lazier weekend can spend their free time at some of the spas that can be found in this region. When it comes to the accommodation in this area, there are plenty of choices and you can choose between hotels, spa retreats, guesthouses and B&Bs.


And speaking of the Hunter Region, do not forget about Newcastle, which is only about 150 km north of Sidney. The beaches there are spectacular; the surf is outstanding and the city has a vibrant arts culture that is worth checking out.

Blue Mountains

If you are a fan of untouched nature and if you want to breathe in some fresh mountain air, the Blue Mountains represent the ideal place for you, especially because this destination is less than one hour drive west of Sydney. The landscape is impressive as there are dramatic cliffs, wonderful valleys and crystal clear lakes. In fact, a part of this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the places to be if you are a nature lover and if you want to see some of Australia’s most breath-taking national parks. However, for those that seek more than just gorgeous vistas, Blue Mountains can also provide visitors with a more urban experience as there are galleries and a number of luxury restaurants and spas.

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