Planning Your Holidays in Vancouver Island: Things You Should Not Miss!

One of the best places to visit in Canada is Vancouver Island and there are so many sights there to see, and so many flavors to try, it almost seems impossible to make a list of just a few of them. So, I am not saying that these are the best places to visit but I’m giving you my “bucket list” of the ones that you should not miss. So Start your vacation by visiting them, and along the way you will be able to find more and more wonderful spots, and from there, you will soon be working on your own bucket list. For the moment, this is my list of the best places to visit on Vancouver Island.

Central Island

The Central Island is what most people think of right away when they hear Vancouver Island anyway and they are right to do so because here are some of the best spots for both salt water and sweet water fishing. Personally I prefer the sweet water fishing because it is more like actual hunting, and you have a connection with the fish. But I love the seaside for all the rest, like swimming, sun bathing or simply walking down the beach, hearing the waves and smelling the salt in the air. And when it’s time to eat, I always love the restaurants here that have just what it takes to give you the real taste of the Central Island has the best restaurants to give you the perfect island taste.

Cowichan Valley

And speaking of eating, there’s nothing that goes better with a nice fish dinner than a glass of cold white wine. And If you are looking for the best wine around, the Cowichan Valley has some of the best wineries in North America. In fact, I have always believed that they can rival the wineries in the Loire Valley, except that they don’t have the historic background and the ages of advertising that have given the Loire its fame. In a few centuries, Cowichan Valley will no doubt be just as famous, and I am proud to be one of the first to start building that reputation.

North Central in Winter

If you really want to know Vancouver Island, than you absolutely have to visit here in the wintertime. The northern part of the island is home to some impressive mountain ranges, and there are plenty of slopes for skiing. The best part about it is that only here can you ski and still catch whiffs of the wonderful sea air. And the best part about it is that here alone you can ski and still catch waifs of the sea air. I know of only one other place, somewhere in Eastern Europe, where you can do that, and although it may be worth the trip, there is no need to go since the Canadian facilities slopes are only rivaled only by those in the Swiss Alps.

Pacific Rim

Finally, the Pacific Rim can give you a taste of the explorer’s thrill when sighting new land. You can visit dozens of coves and islands, and watch marine wildlife without disturbing the smallest fish–and all from a kayak. In fact, I have met some of my best friends while kayaking among those islands, because only the best of people will have a taste for this kind of adventure. And I guarantee you will always find it a pleasure to pull into a quiet little beach and explore impressions about the treasures of Vancouver Island.

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