Plnnr Makes it Easy to Create Your Trip’s Itinerary

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Planning a trip can take a lot of work and effort. You’ll need to decide where you want to go, find a place to stay, decide what you want to do, and research the options that you’ll have. Plnnr is a website that is dedicated to making the planning process much easier and quicker by providing personalized suggestions. It’s free to use and just takes a few minutes to generate the details of your suggested trip.


To get started with Plnnr you don’t need to sign up or create an account, you simply choose the city that you would like to visit. It will then ask you the dates of your trip, the theme of your trip (with kids, outdoors, best of, or culture), your level of intensity, and the level of luxury for your accommodations (1-5 stars). Plnnr will then quickly put together a detailed itinerary for you.


Plnnr will present a suggested itinerary for each day of your trip, with travel times being considered, and it will produce a map so you can see the details of each stop. From here you’ll be able to get more information about any location or event that is listed on your itinerary and you can remove things you don’t want to do, Plnnr will then recalculate.


Plnnr will also connect you so that you can book your hotel online. After you have adjusted the itinerary to suit your needs you can save the trip details by creating an account with Plnnr.

Plnnr is great as a tool to quickly research a city. You can get a list of suggested activities, including details about the location of each and travel times from one place to the next. You’ll certainly want to make your own adjustments to some of the items on your itinerary, but the type of research that you can do in a matter of minutes on Plnnr could easily take several hours to do on your own.

The downside to Plnnr is that there are only 20 cities around the world that are included. Hopefully they will be adding more cities in the future as the site will obviously become more useful with increased options. Another potential improvement would be to allow multi-city trips rather than planning a trip to just one city. But as far as a research tool Plnnr is a great resource that can really save you a lot of time.

Visit Plnnr to try it out.

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