Top 5 Attractions you Can Experience with Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan, India

The flair of festivals in Rajasthan is not something that only you find yourself attracted towards. The colors of Rajasthan are popular throughout the world and globe trotters keep retracing their footprints to this northern state of Indian subcontinent. Cities of Rajasthan especially, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, and many more find themselves crowded with travelers with a taste in history and class India flaunts. Find more such experiences in the Rajasthan Festivals and get the reason to celebrate your vacations in a slightly different yet richer vigor. To start with, you have town of Pushkar and then Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mount Abu and Kota onwards.

1. Pushkar Camel Fair – The Opulence of Culture (and Camels)

Pushkar is a small town located in the hinterlands of Rajasthan, but size is not the issue when you want to witness a thriving art and culture of this place. The five-day camel fair in the town (organized by Tourism of Rajasthan) is among the most rich portrays of heritage this land boasts of. On the trip to Rajasthan, missing this fair is not an option if you are here in the month of October or November depending on the occurrence of full moon day. Taking a dip in the sacred water of Pushkar Lake during this time is a ritual no Indian tourist should miss. So, Pushkar Fair it is!

2. Desert Festival – Among the sand dunes!

Thar Desert welcomes you in one of the most memorable desert vacation with colours and entertainment in it. Sand Dune of Sam is the place where the events are hosted. Music, dance, art, crafts in addition with camel dance, puppet dances, and many such this await to lure you in the month of January and February.

3. Summer Festival – In the Shadow of Mountains of Aravalli

Away from the scorching heat of the desert, Mount Abu is the respite many locals take to. You on the other hand can enjoy one more shade of festivals of Rajasthan. Organized in the month of May or June, the three days of special treatment would carve a special memory in your mind whenever you will thing of India and more specifically about this royal state with a past of valour. Add Shaam-e-Qawalli and boat race to your list as well. Folk dance and music are just not enough here!

4. Dussehra Festival – The Death of Evil in Kota (not in Lanka!)

Every year in the month of September or October (as per the festive calendar of India), Kota celebrates Dussehra in quite elaborate way. Welcoming loads of tourists every year during this time, the town of Kota gets more colours than spectrum can offer. A staged drama portraying the epic Ramayana and win of Good over Evil followed by the torching of statues of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakaran (that are made of more than 75 ft height) is much enjoyed everyone attending the festival. Take off for a fortnight during this time and get addicted to it.

5. Camel Festival – Add on to Pushkar Fest

If you do not want to be a part of an overwhelming crowd of Pushkar, then fairs of Rajasthan bring to you the camel Festival of Bikaner. Now this one is also organised by the same Governing body of tourism, but it is more intimate than the one explained above. You can feel it touching all your senses with its heady mix of camel milking, fur cutting design, best breed, camel acrobatics and presentation of camel bands parading on the polo grounds of Junahgarh Fort.

Here, Rajasthan, with all its festivals, has more than you can take in just one visit!

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