Top Five Reasons to Choose a Trip to South America Over Europe

There’s no doubt about it, both South America and Europe are incredible vacation destinations. However, if you’re left to make a choice between the two, South America is the way to go. This exotic continent is filled with mystery, natural beauty, adventure, and is surprisingly affordable. Travel service providers can help you to plan the trip of a lifetime, without breaking the bank.

Five Reasons to Visit South America over Europe

Still need a little convincing to choose a South America trip over a European vacation? Learn five reasons why to make the continent your next vacation spot:

1. Exchange Rate

While the exchange rate between European currencies, like the British Pound and the Euro, are often not in favor of travelers from North America, the opposite is true in South America. The exchange rate typically benefits tourists from North America, allowing you to get a little more for your money. Not only is the exchange rate attractive, high-quality goods are often priced very reasonably. For example, vendors commonly sell fine leather goods in Argentinean markets, Columbia has some of the best coffee in the world, and the rare semi-precious stone, Lapis Lazuli is found in Chile. Always check the exchange rate prior to visiting a country, to set your travel budget.

2. Magnificent Natural Beauty

South America is home to some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders. Visit the Amazon rainforest — covering two-fifths of the continent, travel to Angel Falls— the world’s tallest waterfall, see Lake Titicaca — the highest navigable lake in the world, explore the Andes, trek through the Atacama Desert, take in the spectacular site of Iguazu Falls, and so much more! You’re free to navigate these stunning sites on your own or join a guided tour group.

3. Temperate Climate

Average temperatures below the equator tend to be relatively moderate, allowing for a comfortable trip not likely to be ruined by bad weather. Also, since winter in North America and Europe takes place during the summer months in South America, experiencing the change of seasons during the trip is a huge added benefit for many travelers.

4. Adventure Travel

Many people want to experience anything but a relaxing day at the beach when on vacation. South America is a great place for adventure travel, due to its deep history, moderate climate, and countless natural wonders to explore. Vacations include excursions like paragliding in the Andes, rafting in Gran Sabana, diving in Venezuela’s Morrocoy National Park, and trekking to Angel Falls — just to name a few.

5. No Drastic Time Change

When traveling to Europe from North America, people often spend half their trip confused as to the current day and time, due to the drastic time difference between the continents. However, this is not the case in South America. Time zones vary throughout the country, but some are the same as Eastern Standard Time (EST) and others aren’t too far off. This makes it much easier to adjust when getting off the plane at your destination and upon arriving at home.

Choose South America as your next vacation destination to experience travel as you never have before. Feeling overwhelmed by all the exciting places to visit on the continent? Contact a travel company to learn more about all the fabulous sites South America has to offer.

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