7 Remote Destinations to Visit in Your Lifetime

Traveling to popular destinations has always been the trend. But with the rise in population and spread of civilization, the world today has numerous places that are yet to be seen and experienced. So, why don’t we streamline to visit the places which are least explored? Here is the list of seven destinations, which you must visit at least once in your life.

1. Tikal, Gautemala

Situated in Columbia, this archaeological site is one of the oldest locations where the Mayans ruled. The main setting is the Tikal Temple, which is 47 meters high and the ruins are spread in the tropical forest with monumental remains, flora and fauna and famous Mayan architecture. Travelers can see the ruins, visit wildlife century and take a boat tour of Lake Petén Itza. Go back to the ancient age as you walk in the Tikal National Park and witness the old and forgotten.

2. Iguazu Falls

This waterfall in the Brazilian state of Parana and Misiones, Argentina, Iguazu fall is one of the largest waterfalls, which extend up to 2 miles in semi-circular manner. It was first discovered by Spanish Conquistador in fifteenth century after which Boselli rediscovered it. The two national parks around the fall are home to lot of endangered and rare species of plants and animals. The best time to visit the fall is spring and fall. Iguazu waterfalls are also a competition to the Niagara Falls; you must care to take your spouse along to this unexplored gift of nature.

3. Pitcairn Island

To reach this island you have to fly down to New Zealand and take a boat trip. It takes about 10 days to reach this part of the world. Absolutely secluded with countable population on the island, it is one place you would love to go when you want to go away from the crowd. These pacific islanders make their living by farming, fishing and selling their rare postage stamps. Situated in the South of Pacific Ocean, there are no hotels or guides, you simply have to go ahead and find you own way of roaming around in this very fascinating city. Take a bike tour or walk around to see the Island.

4. La Rinaconda, Peru

Also, the highest city in the world, La Rinaconda is located in Peru, South America and has lot of gold mines. The city has approx 30,000 inhabitants most of, which are involved in the Gold mining business. The traveler has to get on the highest level by a drive through the mountain roads on high altitude. Situated on a glacier 17,000 feet above the sea level, the view of the surrounding mountains is absolutely breathtaking.

5. Amankora, Bhutan

Isolated by the Tibetan plateau, Amankora is one of that places that does not only have breathtaking views but also have lodges for those who want to relax and rejuvenate for the modern civilization. Spread across the central and western valley of Bhutan Amankora can be visited in holidays as each lodge in Paru, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey offer an exclusive setting.

6. Kokopelli’s Cave

Situated in New Mexico these caves have nothing in the surrounding except hard rocks. These caves are seventy meters underground with comfortable dwellings and are a must visit if you do not want to see any human being around. The hotels and the bed and breakfast are ultra-luxurious and you will be up for a beautiful surprise down the earth.

7. Motuo China

If you are looking for a place that will awaken your spiritual side then Motuo County, tholiest place in Tibet, is heavens heaven. You have to pass over the Himalayas and then cross the suspension bridge, which connects it to Tibet and the world. An island with lot of variety of flora and fauna along with jungle around, no community stays here due to unpredictable landslides and avalanches.

There are many sites in the world that are not seen or inaccessible but are the beautiful sites nature or man has ever designed. These seven remotest places are not all but there are many others must visit places that need to be traveled to by the mankind to be surprised by mother nature yet again.

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