Five Must Have Apps for Your Next Road Trip

Technology is a great thing that many Americans are taking advantage of multiple times a day, every day. There are so many apps and things that can benefit the everyday existence of a person that smart phones have become essential to have at all times. This is especially true if you are heading out on a road trip. Don’t risk running out of gas with no gas station in sight or losing your way on some back road that your GPS has led you onto. Have these five essential apps for your next road trip and you will have a less stressful vacation.

1. Gas Buddy

The reason this is so handy to have is because everyone knows that gas prices are high, but not everyone knows where the cheapest or nearest gas is located. Gas Buddy is a great app to have on a road trip because you will never have to drive around looking for the least expensive gas, wasting precious time and money. What may end up being only a couple of dollars difference between the stations can save you a lot as you will have to refuel many times on your trip.

2. Trapster

Most travelers are well aware that speed traps exist in smaller towns you may pass through, but rarely do they know where they are. With Trapster by your side you are sure to decrease your chances of getting stopped and ticketed while you are supposed to be having fun. This app does not intend to encourage speeding, but rather alerting you to traffic hazards like speed traps, speed and traffic light cameras, and other things along the way that might slow you down.

3. Roadside America

Practically made for road trips, this invaluable app can help you to see some fun sites along the way. With over 9,000 oddities and sights, you are sure to have some along your route. There are some fun things to see everywhere such as the smallest police station in the world in Florida, the world’s largest sundial in Arizona, and many more! It is great to know that you don’t have to do too much research and worry about missing something along the way because a built in alert lets you know if you are about to lose a photo op at one of these spots. There is also a “Tourist Interruptus” feature that will let you know when you are approaching an intended pit stop that you put in before-hand, no matter how small it may be.

4. i-Exit Interstate Exit Guide

Travelers might be used to playing off-ramp roulette, but that doesn’t mean it has to be done. Download this app to help you know what exactly is off each exit and where to find it. Whether it’s a kid yelling from the back seat that they need a potty break or you just really need a cup of coffee to keep you going, this app lets you know exactly what awaits you at the next exit.

5. Co-Pilot Live

While you may think that relying on Google Maps is good enough for your trip, you should think again. With Co-Pilot Live you get the typical voice guide, turn-by-turn directions, and real time traffic conditions you would expect, but there is more. If you happen to come across a place of spotty service or have to go offline for any reason, this has your back with offline maps and navigation so you are always covered.

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