Top Five Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

Honeymoon decisions never have been so easy. Here is a list of five lovey dovey islands that will have you singing, “First comes love then comes marriage, then comes… rum”. Along with all the tasty tropical drinks to be consumed on the most breathtaking beaches in the world, these five islands have something special for couples that are seeking adventure, privacy or gourmet cuisine.

1. Jamaica

Are you currently growing out your dreds, or maybe just planning to get rid of that after-wedding stress? Well this is the place for you! Jamaica has a little something for everybody. Even if you aren’t there for the wild nightlife you’ve heard so accurately about, there is plenty of romantic adventures awaiting in Jamaica to make you forget your real world problems and stress.

Every couple should go to The Blue Lagoon while visiting Jamaica. Swim in a crystal clear mix of warm Caribbean Sea and ice cold streams that feed the lagoon from underground.

Before you go, watch the movie The Blue Lagoon (filmed in this very spot!) so that when you get there, you can pretend to be two goofy teenagers falling in love for the first time. But please, don’t get as graphic as they did with your public displays of affection.

2. St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands)

This island is so perfect for honeymooners; it even has a nickname “Love City” for the allure to lovers everywhere. If you love nature, and your significant other, this is the place for you. A big chunk of this Island is protected National parkland, so there is plenty of opportunity to sneak off into the wild to explore the island, and each other.

3. St. Lucia

While it is true that you can find an oasis anywhere you go looking for one in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is pretty much one big oasis with resorts that would make any traveler swoon. The views available from the showers alone are something to swoon over. The Stonefield Estate Villa Resort and Spa is spectacular, and you can even get a private pool!

This Island is for the type of lovers that like to go non-stop with plenty of choices. Go to the dormant volcano, tour the Island sanctuary for nearly extinct animals nearby, hike or mountain bike jungle trails, swim next to plunging waterfalls and snorkel the reef while celebrating your love for each other.

4. The Grenadines

Get a private villa on the small, secluded island of Mustique where you’ll be waited on hand and foot. For those who truly need a vacation in the truest sense of the word, “Do you want me to wash your clothes now or later madam?” You could definitely get used to this.

5. St. Maarten/St. Martin

Part French and part Dutch, this double governed Island is a whirlwind of culture from restaurants to museums. Le Petit Hotel is my favorite romantic getaway right on the beach. The rooms are super comfortable with soft beds and down comforters and the sound of the ocean to fall asleep to.

Walk to restaurant row and try as many of the delightful choices as possible. For a perfect romantic night on the town, stare into each other’s eyes while messily indulging in fresh lobster or Creole shrimp.

Pick one of these destinations for your next romantic getaway, and your love for one another will not stop flowing, much like the rum here. Celebrate being together on these five Islands that cater to those who can’t keep their hands off each other.

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