A Romantic Luxury Vacation in Santorini

Think of a romantic location and Paris instantly springs to mind. Clichéd? You bet. Let’s face it, romantic trips to Paris have been done to death. It’s time to find some place new; but where exactly I hear you cry?

Well, what makes a romantic trip romantic? Gorgeous scenery? Soft sandy beaches? Fantastic shopping? Fine dining and even finer wine? Luxury boutique hotels? You’ve just described Santorini. Escape the ordinary and experience romance on holidays to Santorini.

A jaw-dropping location

For many, Santorini will sound familiar, yet few can place it on a map. Located in Greece, the town of Santorini is perched high upon a cliff on an island which seemingly floats in the Aegean Sea. The cliff itself is dramatic as you approach by boat. The former remnants of a volcanic eruption, 300 metre high cliffs impose on three sides of the island, contrasted with the remaining side; a charming bay where boats of all shapes and sizes gently bob up and down on the waves. You’ll be glad to know Santorini mirrors the beauty of the latter, rather than the some-might-say ugly grey sharp cliffs.

Santorini is best enjoyed from a high vantage point where you can overlook the rooftops. You’re eyes are greeted with a spectrum of colour as you gaze out towards the blueness of the sea and sky. Houses are scattered in a relaxed manner – and that’s the demeanour Santorini wears.

Delicious Greek food

The word ‘rush’ does not exist in Santorini’s vocabulary. Food, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, is slowly had. Each and every mouthful is appreciated such is the quality. The town excels in seafood; and why wouldn’t it with fantastic access to the sea. Traditional Greek flavours are a match made in heaven. Gourmet dining is only bettered when in full view of the sun setting and the stars come out to play – its romance served on a plate.

For the ultimate romance, dine alfresco on the silky smooth beaches. Santorini has the luxury of many great beaches; it’s just as well with the island bathed in reliably sunny weather for the majority of the year. The town boasts of three beaches proudly awarded the Blue Flag – recognition of their quality and cleanliness. Kamari is often cited as the best beach and it’s hard to disagree. With all the natural beauty you could wish for, why go anywhere else? But those looking for peace and quiet should head to Katharos beach.

A shopper’s paradise

There are many ways to show you love for one another – spoiling yourselves with luxuries is just one of them. Don’t be fooled by the town’s size; Santorini can fulfil the appetite of the biggest shopaholic. While the streets are lined with the usual suspects of the luxury fashion world, it’s the quaint boutique shops which hold the real gems and aces in the pack. Much like Aladdin’s cave, treasures are just waiting to be discovered. Look out for hand-crafted jewellery and one off pieces.

Boutique luxury hotels

Spoiling yourselves doesn’t have to stop there. After a long day of enjoying everything Santorini has to offer (yes it’s a tiring job but someone’s got to do it) you can retreat to a luxury hotel for a further dose of relaxation. Hotel Katikies is one of the most sumptuous hotels on the island. Commanding views over the dazzling blue Aegean Sea from its cliff position, as part of the Leading Hotels of the World group this boutique hotel delivers comfortable and stylish accommodation to sink into. The pristine white architecture gives the impression the hotel has been delicately and lovingly carved into the cliff face. Hotel Katikies boasts of two infinity pools and regional wine tasting in the evenings. A truly unforgettable romantic dining experience can be had under the stars and in full view of the Aegean Sea in the open air restaurant.

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