Take an Exotic Caribbean Sailing Break in a Chartered Boat

Sail a yacht through mangrove forests and coral reefs off the Bahamas. Or charter a power boat to travel between St. Barts and St. Martin, or around the Virgin Islands. Whether you choose a crewed boat or sail on your own, sailing helps you to visit the Caribbean beyond its tourist resorts.

Sailing Yacht

Few places in the world are better for sailing than the Bahamas. Whether you are an experienced sailor or just hoping to learn, this part of the Caribbean has lots of ports and harbors outside the tourist areas that are easy to find. It’s an ideal area to charter a sailing boat for a day or part of a day. Travelers will have to prove their sailing expertise before they can bareboat charter. After this, a group of experienced sailors can even charter a flotilla of yachts where the lead yacht is crewed by experienced sailors who understand the local waters and can chart the route. Catamarans are the most popular boats around the Bahamas as they offer more stability and are more comfortable for inexperienced sailors among the crew.


Powered vessels offer some of the best Caribbean boat charters for travellers between islands, or those who want to go scuba diving or deep sea fishing. The boat can come equipped with food and amenities, allowing the skipper and passengers to stop off at an isolated beach for lunch or dinner. You will be able to book a charter package or design your own tour for a week or even just a day. Power boats are superb for organising a water safari to sail around coral reefs and watch the Caribbean marine and bird life.


Boat owners who sail regularly along the local river or canal at home in England sometimes are not going to be able to tackle the currents of the Caribbean in open seas. A sailing boat can be chartered with a single skipper who acts as a tourist guide ashore for a small group. Alternatively, a skipper and full crew on a large sailing or power boat will allow the visitors to concentrate on enjoying themselves rather than working out the precise route. Trips can be arranged as romantic getaways for a couple, or as big occasions like a wedding party complete with reception, cake and champagne. The larger boats come equipped with full facilities to match any five star hotel. Even smaller vessels are complete with running water, bathrooms and comfortable bunks that work well for overnight stays.

The Caribbean offers endless possibilities for sailing holidays crewing your own chartered boat, or setting off with a skipper and full crew. Travellers can visit those parts of the Caribbean islands inaccessible to land-based visitors.

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