See Denver, Colorado for Cheap

Check out the cheapest things you can do in Denver, Colorado here. These events are either free to the public, or are at least very cheap. All you have to do is get to Colorado and find a place to stay and then your Colorado vacation is already planned for cheap.

1. 16th Street Mall

The 16th street is free to see in Downtown Denver where you will be able to walk about blocks of things you can only see in Colorado. There are no cars allowed to drive on the 16th street mall making it really peaceful, but there are always a lot of people. It is a great place to just relax and to people watch when the weather is nice. In the summer there are a lot of events going on through the strip making it really exciting to see. Don’t worry if you are not a walker because you can take a free mall shuttle up and down 16th street for, and it runs until 12 am.

2. Red Rocks Amphitheater

The Red Rocks is a great place to see a concert but those most of the time are not free, unless you win a contest or something. However if you like hiking and nature, the Red Rocks are for you. The rocks have an incredible shape that is unique; it feels like you are in Moab, Utah. There are many things to do and see in the area that is free. You will be able hike, bike ride, learn about music, and learn how the rocks were made all for free. It is a great family outing!

3. Take a Professional Sports Team Stadium Tour

Denver Colorado is home to the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Rapids, Denver Nuggets, among other teams. All of these stadiums offer free tours when there is no event going on. You will be able to make a sports fan dream come true and they will think you spent a lot of money to make this happen but nope, free! Warning, make sure that you call the stadium in advance for you can reserve spots and to make sure that there is not another event being held while you are visiting because then you would miss out on a great sport experience!

4. Denver Museums

If you are short and a budget and want to learn some history, Denver has a lot of Museums for you can learn something no matter what you are interested in. My personal favorite almost museum is the Denver Mint where you can get a free tour about how dollar bills and coins are made! You will get to see and learn about America’s old currency and get the opportunity to buy some of the cleanest money you will ever see. This is only one museum there are also several others like the Denver Art Museum, Pioneer Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and many more and they are all free making it easy to check something new out!

5. Colorado Mountains

There are so many great free/cheap things you can do in the Colorado Mountains from hiking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, hunting, rafting, boating, kayaking just to name a few. All of these activities are great, but the cheapest thing that you get to see is the amazing view you get that for free in the mountains from snow covered mountain tops to autumns coloring of the trees you will always get an amazing free view!

These are the cheapest and best things to see in Colorado! If you planning a trip to Colorado you have to check out these places the will bring memories that will stay for a lifetime and are easy on the bank.

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