Experience the Eco-Friendly Tourism in Sikkim with Nature Treks

Sikkim is considered India’s hidden gem that has remained au natural even when the rest of the country has taken the globalization route. Resting in the lap of the Himalayas in the north-eastern territory of India, Sikkim has come to symbolize the resplendent natural beauty that is increasingly becoming a rarity in the current times. While on nature tourism in Sikkim, it is thus, usually advised that a tourist travel as far and wide as is possible because this hilly state has a surprise embedded in every bit of its earth! And this is not an understatement considering several adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, river rafting, yak safari, hang gliding and geological expeditions etc are becoming increasingly common here. Some of the best treks to try while on Sikkim trekking tour are:

Picturesque Rhododendron Trek:

This trek is in north of Sikkim and is the home to Lepcha and Bhutia tribes. This place has the imprints of Tibetan Buddhism all over it and is an excellent place for nature lovers considering Sikkim trekking tour. Trekking in this part of Sikkim has its own perks thanks to the several varieties of wild flowers, rhododendrons and also the rare blue poppy that is enough to make Sikkim trekking tour an ethereal experience. Add to it an invigorating animal life and it is a perfect bend for a tourist! For those on nature tourism in Sikkim, the sight of rare blue sheep and snow leopard are bound to keep visitors on toes. This trek is also amazing as it does not requires too much agility and even someone with moderate physical fitness can enjoy it easily. The view of snow laden peaks of Sengkamo, Karpo-la, Dongkhya and Lhako is another major feature of trekking.

Scenic Singalila Sandakphu Trek:

Sandakphu is the highest mountain peak of the Singalila ridge in West Bengal and stands at an altitude of 3640 meters. Hence, a riveting view of landscape is one of the biggest advantages that a trekker would get. The amazing view of Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu is beautiful beyond doubt. This trek is amazing for trekking, especially for someone on nature tourism as several wild flowers like rhododendrons, primulas, orchids, magnolias and several others add to the sheen of this trek. But that is not all, since, it is a relatively easy trek hence, it can be easily undertaken by anyone with even moderate physical acumen.

Lovely Green Lake Trek:

This is a relatively difficult trek and altitude sickness is one of the major issues that a trekker would face in case he is unable to acclimatize well with the high altitude trek. The Green Lake is situated under the towering presence of Mount Khanchendzonga on the Zemu Galcier in the North of Sikkim. This trek takes a tourist to several villages, all sparsely populated, small forests while braving forces of nature. The trek is notable due to extensive varieties of alpine flowers and bird species that a tourist can lay his eyes on. Such is the popularity of this destination that tourists find no better place than this north Sikkim trek for nature tourism in Sikkim.

Popular Goecha La Trek:

If ever trekking in Sikkim needs a poster child then Goecha La would win hands down. Extremely popular among tourists, this trek offers a trail through several views that would last a lifetime like the spotting of rare herbs and Himalayan flowers that fill meadows. Spotting of birds and shy animals is bound to bring a nature enthusiast in anyone. This trek rests at the foot of Kanchenjunga and offers scenic views of snow capped mountain and glaciers that abound this place.

Enchanting Dzongri Trek:

Adventure tour in Sikkim is incomplete without trying this west Sikkim trek. This popular trek also offers great views of celebrated peaks like Kanchanjunga, Kabru and Pandim. Since, this is a moderate trek hence; it can be undertaken by anyone. But the best part about this trek is the scintillating view of Sikkim that one gets when one reaches the peak of Dzongri. Understandably then, that it is widely said that trekking in Sikkim is incomplete without being bowled over by Dzongri.
Sikkim trekking tour, thus, is easily one of the most sought after treks in the world. The pristine landscape, excellent vegetation and animal life are enough to bring out the best of Sikkim trekking tour and hence, no tourist must let this pass.

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