Singapore’s Man-Made Architectural Marvels: Watch Creativity Come Alive

Singapore is every bit a man-made paradise and deserves rightful appreciation for its speedy development over these years. Fewer people would know that Singapore was a small fishing village that later developed into a rich, commercial city today.

The marvelous architecture and endless tourist attractions in Singapore have made it a sought-after tourist destination. Along with its delicious food and lovely shopping avenues, Singapore also has some of the most attractive man-made architectural marvels. The magnificent architectural buildings in Singapore mesmerize tourists and leave them craving for more.

If you intend to visit Singapore for your next vacation, do not miss out the distinct architectural works in Singapore. Read along to know about some of Singapore’s loveliest man-made architectural marvels:

The Esplanade: Theaters on Bay

You really need to see this lovely waterside building. No amount of appreciation in the world can be sufficient for this beautifully built 2000-seat theater, located on six hectares of waterfront land. The theater seems to be an adaptation of the horseshoe form of a traditional European Opera House.

With a less than 40-metre viewing distance between the farthest seat and stage, patrons can enjoy a clear view of what’s going on the stage. Most people refer to the “Esplanade” as ‘Durian’ due to its striking resemblance with the same. The theater is spread out on four levels and showcases almost every genre of performing arts.

Singapore’s Wheel of Fortune

The Singapore Flyer is currently the biggest observation wheel in the world. Standing 42 storeys high, these big giant wheels comprise of a 150 meter high wheel. It is artistically built and has a total height of 165 meters, which is mainly because it is built upon a three-storey terminal building!

You can enjoy a spectacular view of not only Singapore, but parts of Indonesia and Malaysia as well. You can enjoy the thrill of a lifetime on this Flyer. The flyer has comfortable seating and it can accommodate about 28 people. It is a joyride of a lifetime and you’re likely to be all-fascinated and exhilarated after this 35-40 minutes of an exciting ride.

Singapore’s Green Roof

Green is a refreshing color and to see it designed so artistically is inexplicably delightful! Singapore’s Nanyang Art College can boast of an astonishing piece of creatively designed architecture. The swirling green roofs atop the Art College create an open space, provide insulation to the building, help in cooling down the surrounding air and irrigate the landscape by harvesting rainwater.

These creatively designed roofs depict the kind of creativity in the art school, and convey feelings of greenery and nature love. Watching these roofs is a pure delight. Nature lovers all over the world label it as one of the world’s best and most creative green roofs.

Avalon – A Part Lover’s Hideout

Avalon is another vibrant man-made destination, to look out for in Singapore. It is undoubtedly a big name in business, and promises a world-class nightlife experience. This lively and happening place is a double-story 17000 square feet club housed in the floating South Crystal Pavilion of Marina Bay Sands. You can enjoy a visual spectacle of 3D mapping, high fashion interiors and state-of-the-art full color lasers at this club.


Along with these attractively designed structures, you can look out for many more reasons to visit Singapore. Visiting Singapore can be a rewarding experience as you get a chance to witness a melting pot of eclectic cultures, taste some heavenly dishes for cost-effective prices and get to observe beautiful architectural structures.

Singapore is every bit worth visiting. A trip to Singapore is a guaranteed package of fun and entertainment. Singapore continues to enthrall visitors with its attractive man-made marvels and alluring culture.

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