Singapore Food Festival: A Carnival Any Foodie Dare Not Miss

If you call yourself a backpacker, then you have probably already toured Singapore! And if you are yet to tour this south-east Asian destination, then your backpacking days are still in their nascent stage. You cannot quite claim to be a top traveling geek unless you have seen the best of this destination. One of the major festive events of Singapore is the famed food festival which is held in the month of July. Every year, the Singapore Food Festival is organized from around the end of June to the end of July. It is one of the biggest festivals in the world and certainly one of the most coveted food festivals on the globe. It goes without saying that a huge number of tourists and foodies get drawn to this country during this month which, by many (read ‘foodies’), is also considered as the best time to visit Singapore.

Vacation packages witness a massive surge in demand during the festival. The festival is multi-faceted. There are different events showcasing a variety of foods and cuisines to an interested audience. One can come across some really fresh dishes and meals, and even dig into never-eaten-before cuisines. If you love to experiment with your taste buds, then this festival should be one of your must-awaited seasons of the year.

Workshops are also held during this time. So, tourists and locals can enroll themselves for the workshops and learn some fresh culinary skills. If you are a voracious cook and have a keen interest in making new dishes, then you must not let go of the opportunity to partake in these workshops. The festival also sees competitions taking place between different people. If you pride yourself on your cooking skills, then you too can take part in these competitions and run away with top prizes!

The competitions are not just limited to cooks. Even gluttons and foodies can take part in events where you need to eat the maximum number of items within a stipulated time (yes, just like they show in those game shows). The winner gets prizes (and above all, you get so much of free food to gobble down).

Since, this food festival enjoys international fame; it is a rewarding experience to partake in its events, competitions and workshops. If you can grab a Singapore tour package during July and attend this festival, then it would be a great addition to your backpacking resume!

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