5 Things Every Smart Traveler Needs

Traveling on business or pleasure has become a hassle in the last couple of decades. What used to provide an enjoyable distraction now includes specifically sized toiletries, security searches that make an FBI raid look like a walk in the park and x rays of your belongings. You also have that additional couple of hours in the airport to kill since you must arrive extra early in case the TSA line winds down a few hallways.

You can improve your trip and even make those additional airport hours enjoyable with five handy items that make travel easier.

1. The Perfect Luggage

Joining the jet set does not mean you need steamer trunks and a matching set of Louis Vuitton luggage. You do need at least an overnight bag that lets you pack in style and you take as a carry-on. It needs a professional look in case you need to go directly from the airport to the boardroom. Think messenger bags or large totes rather than backpacks. Bags to try:- a professional, stylish bag from Matt & Nat,- a handmade Ecuadorian overnight bag from Enrou,- an oversized tote bag from Feed.

If you need to make a long trip and require multiple bags, make it match. Purchase quality in quantity by picking up a luggage set. Keep the things you can’t live without in your carry-on bag. This lets you survive if the airline misplaces your luggage and means you have access to your go-to items in the airport.

2. Interlocking Packing Cubes

Maximize your luggage space using interlocking packing cubes like the F1 Spacepack Essentials Kit. Similar to Tetris blocks, these fit together in your suitcase or bag. You can organize toiletries in one cube, clothes in another and underwear in the third. You’ll save time by never having to hunt for an item and keep your items neatly stowed.

3. Backup Power Pack/Portable Charger

These handy gadgets let you plug them into a standard outlet to charge, then tote them around until you need ancillary power for your cell phone, computer or tablet. Plug the charger into your device’s USB port and charge on the go.

Users of iPhones 6/6s can pick up the Moshi iGlaze ion battery to stay charged and connected. Both Android and iPhone users can charge using the Pocket Juice which holds enough charge for three distinct device charges. It also provides three ports so you can share your power with others. You can be the airport hero in a power outage.

4. International Wifi Hotspot

The XCom Mifi 2 offers the ability to purchase a 24-hour Wifi subscription that works in two countries for just $7.77 per day. If ridiculous airport Wifi charges annoy you and you find roaming charges even worse, try an international MiFi solution. The XCom works in 44 countries.

5. Mobile Device Grips

Outfit your cell phone or tablet with a Popsocket to make it easier to grip, a breeze to use one-handed, and more stable. You can even use this device gripper as a stand or a car mount. It’s repositionable and can be readjusted as many times as needed.

Make travel easier with these five indispensable items that add enjoyment to your journey. You can easily entertain yourself on your mobile device during extra-long airport waits or mount a device in the backseat for the kids to watch a movie online without worrying that your mobile’s battery will die.

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