How To Spend Less While Travelling

Travel plans are often hindered by anticipated costs. Transportation, accommodation, and food expenses are given, which can altogether be brought down with the right strategy. You won’t lose anything if you don’t get to ride 1st class or sleep in a luxury suite, among many other things that provide added comfort at a price. Here’s how to save as much as you can and still get the most out of your trip.


Cut back on the cost of airline tickets by booking off-season, looking for indirect flights or nearby airports and keeping an eye out for ongoing promotions. Turkish Airlines makes it easy to save money with offers, deals and discounts that take a big percentage off the airfare. Resist the temptation to choose your seat and pack light to avoid checked bag fees.


Renting out someone else’s vacation property or a serviced apartment can make you feel more at home. Not only are these options for accommodation more budget-friendly, but grants the opportunity to live like a local and explore different neighborhoods. There are also hostels with dorm-like settings and private rooms for guests. If you choose to book a hotel, pick one situated a bit farther from the city center to get cheaper rates.

Public Transit

Learning your way around a new place is part of the fun! Renting a vehicle is out of the picture. Besides, you won’t be able to explore and savor the surroundings sitting pretty in a car. Taxi services are just a call away, but tend to be expensive. If you want the fastest and most efficient way to travel across the city, then hop on a train. Research the availability of buses, ferries, bike rentals and ridesharing in your destination. Of course, you can always walk to benefit your health.


Skip the pricey packaged tours. Use your phone’s map as a guide. Check out community calendars to see what’s going on in town and you may be in time for a concert or other interesting activities. Many tourist attractions like museums typically offer a free pass at night or on certain days, package deals.


Access to a kitchen is an important consideration when finding the ideal place to stay. Cook your own meals rather than eat at a world-class restaurant. Have a family picnic at the park. Shop at the farmer’s market and do a quick stop at the grocery store for the freshest goods. Lastly, carry a reusable container around to refill your water instead of buying plastic bottles.

Daily expenses can easily add up to a substantial cost, yet spending more does not necessarily mean having a better trip. Keep in mind your main reason for travelling. Isn’t it to gain new experiences, taste good food, and discover beautiful cultures? Knowing when to book your flight, where to shop, dine, the best places to go and perfect time to visit can help you stay on track. By having a budget backed by a well-thought plan, you can break free from worrying about money and truly have fun!

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