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Summer Road Trips Worth Taking

As road trips are more about the journey than the destination, they are attractive to many. Although the destination does play a large part in the road trip, it’s the experiences of the journey that make the trip that much more memorable.

There are many destinations you could set your eye on for the sheer excitement of this journey. The trick to making it memorable is to provide a road that is more than just miles and miles of plains. You need a destination where the journey can take you through a variety of sites that you wouldn’t normally witness.

1. The Grand Tetons

One of the most amazing mountain ranges in the United States consist of the Grand Teton Mountains. At an elevation of over 13,000 feet, the Teton Mountain range can be seen for miles. The Eastern side of the range seems to jut straight up lacking foothills or slopes. The entire area is a wonderment of nature’s brilliance. The mountains themselves resemble distant guardians of the landscape in an impressive size from the valley floor and can truly make you seem insignificant next to their awesome size.

2. Yellowstone

Every year, millions will visit the Yellowstone National Park. Driving through the park itself can open you up to a world of nature that you may never have witnessed before. Many areas are heavily wooded where bears can be seen hunting for food or prowling the area. Herds of buffalo stand where they wish, impeding traffic at times. The mountainous areas seem alive as the caldera that sits below you is active with magma and hot springs.

3. Goblin Valley, UT

For a look at the desert side, one of the most entrancing areas to encounter would be the bewilderment of Goblin Valley, Utah. Witness the powers of time, erosion, water, and wind combine to form sandstone sentries in the valley encompassing more than four and a half square miles. Areas of this valley seem more like a set of a science fiction space movie rather than nature’s own magnificent art-brush. These bizarre shapes are testament to how the Earth was formed so very long ago.

4. Baton Rouge, LA

Witness the immense size of the Mississippi river as you drive over it to enter Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This river is the widest in the United States and disperses the most volume of water, which is fed into the Gulf of Mexico. It is the second longest as the Missouri river is slightly longer but carries far less water. While you are visiting this impressive body of water, why not take a river boat upstream and experience some of Louisiana’s fine dining and unique entertainment?

5. Coast-to-Coast

Probably one of the most rewarding road trips you could ever take will lead you from one coast to the other. This adventure will take you through diverse landscapes, cultural exchanges between states, and through some of the most magnificent scenery in the Northern Hemisphere.

In today’s world, road trips are becoming less frequent as gas prices have escalated. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from exploring the countryside. It’s an amazing world we live in and if you have to miss it because gas is $5 per gallon, then you are missing out on what the world can show you. It’s worth the time and energy to plan a trip of this nature as construction and civilization have consumed a large portion of it already. Before you know, it will be too late and those beautiful landmarks will be nothing more than a distant memory covered by concrete and brick.

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