Five of the Best Summer Activities in the Swiss Alps

Although many people associate the Swiss Alps with glistening powder covered slopes and fabulous winter skiing there’s an enormous amount going on in this area out of the main ski season. From getting out and exploring the natural beauty all around, to being immersed in local culture events – for the Alpine visitor there’s certainly no shortage of activities and entertainment to fill a trip to this part of the world during the summer months. Here are five of the best summer activities to enjoy in the region.

The Verbier Festival

The Verbier Festival is an annual event that is all about music. It takes place from 19th July to 4th August in venues around the town of Verbier with recitals, concerts and performances from a wide range of international artists, supported by the Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra and the Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra. With composers from Beethoven to Mozart, Debussy to Verdi on the program, this is a great time to visit for classical music fans.

Helicopter Rides

A helicopter ride over the Matterhorn is one of the most dramatic ways to see this part of the Swiss Alps and an experience that few forget. Hovering at the same level as the 4,000 meter mountaintops, looking down on the magnificent Matterhorn, this is the kind of bird’s eye view that you just don’t get from exploring at ground level.


Hiking is perhaps one of the best-loved summer activities in the Swiss Alps, both because of the stunning natural setting, and the fact that there are different routes, catering to different abilities – something to suit everyone. Guided hiking tours are a wonderful way to explore for those who don’t really know the area, and the option of self guided tours is there for those who want to be a bit more independent.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in the Saas Valleys is one for the more adventurous and those who enjoy the thrill of getting up some speed on two wheels. With 70km of bike tracks, the Saas Valleys provide adventurous terrain for bikers of all skill levels, with the stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps as a backdrop.

Summer Skiing

Summer Skiing is proving enormously popular with visitors to the Swiss Alps during the summertime, especially those who just can’t wait until winter rolls around again to get back on the slopes. Zermatt’s Theodul glacier has 21km of piste on offer with an absolute snow guarantee and skiing and snowboarding all year round.

If you thought the Swiss Alps were only a winter holiday destination then these exciting activities might make you think again. Whether you want to try some summer skiing, hike around the Matterhorn, or take a once in a lifetime trip up to the top of the Swiss peaks you will find plenty of opportunities for summer fun in this beautiful part of the world.

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