Taking A Pleasure Cruise – What Are The Choices?

Pleasure cruises give people the opportunity to experience the life of a sailor, with a little luxury. Cruises can last hours, days, weeks, or even months, depending on what it is a person wants. For example, some pleasure cruises see people sailing around desert islands in the Pacific for months on end. Others may involve hiring a yacht for an evening and having a birthday party on board while a skipper takes the yacht down to the next bay.

On the other hand, small-ship cruises in many cruising destinations, such as an explorer cruise within Croatia, offer an increasingly popular way to explore the sea and the coastline. Guests can experience a variety of shore excursions in less visited areas, as well as a personalized onboard ambiance. Unlike yachts or bareboat sailing, small-ship cruises will provide you with all the amenities you hope to find while exploring a distant city. Furthermore, it makes exploring further afield much easier as guests don’t have to maneuver around harbor regulations or docking applications; instead, the ship’s navigator will do all of this for them, allowing passengers to spend more time sitting back and enjoying their cruise.

There are many different reasons to embark on a pleasure cruise. The ways in which the cruises are conducted are also plentiful though. Those considering an upcoming pleasure cruise should be sure of what they may or may not entail.


A bareboat is hired for the sole use of the party wanting to use the boat. If a member of the party has a license, they can skipper the boat themselves, meaning the party get ultimate privacy for the duration of their trip. Alternatively, if nobody has the knowhow, a skipper can also be hired at an extra charge. In either case, the responsibility of the boat’s condition lies firmly in the hands of the person hiring it. Therefore, a substantial deposit is needed to be paid up front.

A bareboat is ideal for:

  • Parties
  • Events
  • Corporate events
  • Family vacations
  • Group vacations

Both boats and yachts can be hired in this way.

Yacht Cruise

For those who love the idea of cruising around many different islands or countries in one holiday, but would like something a little more select than a cruise liner, a yacht cruise can tick every box.

Yacht cruises operate on a set itinerary just as with a normal cruise. So the freedom to travel wherever you want is not quite there, but on the other hand, there is no worry or hassle about the yacht itself as it is manned by a full crew and skipper.

Cabins can be hired for yacht cruises. They are perfect for single travelers or couples who would like to see a little more of the world without sharing their view with hundreds of other people at once.

Luxury Yacht

The luxury yacht is a huge yacht with every single convenience and indulgency you can imagine, plus more. It is not surprising to see Jacuzzis, speed boats, jet skis and even Helicopters with these yachts. Of course the cost of being treated like a rock star is one that takes a rock star wage to cover.

Full crew is provided with the luxury yacht, which in actual fact doesn’t affect the privacy of people on board at all due to the sheer size of the vessel.

A private pleasure cruise is the ultimate way to enjoy the spoils of hard work. With so many oceans and water ways to travel, the fun doesn’t need to end.

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