5 Things to Love About Tavira, Portugal

Tavira is a beautiful place that you can find on the south coast of Portugal. It is home to a lot of amazing attractions that have made it one of the top destination spots in the entire Algarve region.

If you are taking a trip to Portugal then spending a day or two in Tavira is definitely something that you should do. A lot of people have not really heard of the city, yet it offers a lot of great things that will definitely make your visit worthwhile. If you are still in need of convincing, here are five things about Tavira that you will surely love.

1. Peaceful and Pleasant Environment

One great thing that tourists will love about Tavira is that it is relatively quiet and peaceful. This is largely due to the fact that the place does not have an extremely large number of tourists yet. The place is laid back and relaxing no matter what season it is. Although there are already a lot of people visiting the city, you can still have the peace and quiet vacation that you are looking for.

2. The Rich History and Culture

Unlike many beach and vacation destinations, Tavira has lot more to offer other than beautiful beaches. If you are interested in history and culture then Tavira is certainly a place that will suit your liking. Tavira is an old city which dates back to the Bronze Age of civilization. It has undergone a lot of changes and has survived bloody battles, conquests and even a major earthquake. If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Tavira, you can visit the many of the historical sites in the city such as Tavira Castle which can give you a peek at how things used to be in the past.

3. The Friendly People

The people of Tavira is a big reason why many people just love to return to this quiet locale. Always full of smiles, the citizens of Tavira are very welcoming and always help make the tourists feel at home. Unlike in major cities where people can be very busy and impersonal, a friendly smile is something that you will always see while you are in Tavira.

4. The Tavira Churches

Another thing that travelers will love about Tavira is the number of beautiful churches that you can find in the city. In the entire Algarve region, Tavira is one of the cities which have the most number of churches. The beautiful Church of Santa Maria do Castelo which is located just beside the Tavira Castle is a gothic church and is just one of the many churches you can find in the city. Other notable churches that tourists will surely love to visit and take pictures of are the Church of Santiago, Misericordia Church and the Chapel of Sao Sebastiao.

5. The Unspoiled Beaches of Tavira Island

If you are a major beach lover then the beautiful beaches of Tavira Island is definitely a place that you will enjoy. The island is just a short boat ride from the town of Tavira and offers some of the most amazing beaches in the entire Algarve. Boasting of 11 km of the pristine beaches, you can never find a better place to enjoy the beautiful sun and sand in the region than in Tavira Island.

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