Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

Sightseeing: In Abu Dhabi, you will find Al Maqtaa fort, Qasr al-Hosn palace and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. To explore the city, take a dhow cruise which is the best way to go. There are many man-made and natural wonders in the city which should be explored at least once in a lifetime. The sightseeing of the city is mesmerizing.

Desert Safari: When you are visiting the UAE, you must go on a desert safari. Most of the tour companies offer safaris. If you are planning for the desert safari then it is best to go in the early morning. Take a four-wheel drive jeep through the deserts of Abu Dhabi and then also go for a camel ride. It is worth experiencing while on a visit to Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates.

Wildlife Parks: Abu Dhabi offers a variety of wildlife like hyenas, Arabian oryx and caracal. The island of Sir Bani Yas is a wildlife preserve in Abu Dhabi. You can take advantage of kayaking, snorkeling, safaris and hiking. Moreover, more than 270 species of birds, which also includes ospreys and flamingos, can be found in the Ras Al Khor Reserve.

Adventure Activities: Abu Dhabi offers a variety of adventure activities like trekking, deep-sea fishing, dune skiing, mountain biking, paragliding, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, kite-surfing and water skiing. You can also enjoy ice skating at one of Abu Dhabi’s outdoor ice rinks. You can even enjoy skiing at Ski Dubai which is an indoor ski center.

Scuba Diving: The tranquil water of the Arabian Gulf is ideal for scuba diving. You will find several PAID-certified dive centers within Abu Dhabi. You can take the pleasure of reef or wreck diving where you can find various marine creatures like barracuda, sharks, sea turtles, eels and tropical fish.

Amusement Parks: Ferrari World on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi is the largest amusement park which is worth visiting. It is one of the world’s largest indoor theme parks which have got family attractions as well as lots of thrill rides.

Shopping: Abu Dhabi, along with Dubai, is very famous for shopping across the globe. The city offers a world-class shopping experience to the residents as well as the tourists of Abu Dhabi. Lots of shopping centers and malls can be found in the city. One of the biggest malls found in the city is the Marina Mall which is shaped like a Bedouin tent. You will find numerous shops in this mall which will give you excellent shopping experience. Numerous international restaurants and cinema halls can also be found here. Also, the Khalifa Center in Abu Dhabi offers traditional handicrafts such as ceramics, goods, sheesha pipes and tapestries.

Not only in Abu Dhabi, but even in Dubai, you can also enjoy all these, which is the second largest Emirate of United Arab Emirates.

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