Things to Do in Dubai During Summer

Dubai is a popular destination among families from Europe and America and there are countless reasons why they have chosen the city as their new home. Many celebrities and known figures own property in Dubai and they frequently visit here. Dubai is rich and it understands the true meaning of luxury. There are various factors, which lure visitors to the city and hence the tourist activity stays on throughout the year in Dubai.

It is however, a fact that hot summers of Dubai brings the number of European, Canadian, American, and North Asian tourists down to a significant size. The outdoor fun and activity, which marks the life in Dubai limits itself during the summer time. This does not mean that Dubai would not be fun in summers; in fact, the size of indoor activity doubles its size in summer. I have compiled a list of best things to do in Dubai during summer.

Dubai Summer Surprises

Shopping malls in Dubai hold an annual summer fiesta each year. This events spans over 10 weeks and focuses on activities related to families with special stress on educating kids. Each of these 10 weeks is marked with a new theme. Dubai Summer Surprises is held regularly since 1998. Giveaways worth of thousands of pounds, edutainment activities, cheaper shopping and dining as well as seeing the Modhesh World at its peak are some of the highlights of Dubai Summer Surprises. More than 50 shopping malls in Dubai collaborate for this festival feast and you can well imagine the sort of price cut you can enjoy on all deals of major shopping malls in Dubai.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is your most effective answer to scorching summer heat of the region. As part of the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is functioning since 2005. Several instructors and helping staff is available during the public timing of this indoor resort. The raving features that dominate and define this indoor skiing facility include a 60-meter high mountain that has 5 slopes, a quarter pipe, and a black run.

Pool Parties

Pool parties are quite common in Dubai, especially during summers. These private pool parties are held in holiday homes, pools of known hotels, private homes, and at private homes. It is interesting to note that young and wild crowd of Dubai is fonder of pool parties than having the similar fun at public beaches and it is also a fact that such pool parties are more fun than spending time at a public beach and you will find out why as soon as you become part of one such party held in Dubai

Nightlife and Live Entertainment

The clubs and bars in Dubai experience more activity during summer nights. Various artists, musicians, DJs, and entertainers visit Dubai during summer time and leave the echoes of life and celebrations in the city. The wild and sweaty concerts held under artificial lights on big venues attract all kinds of music enthusiasts. The live entertainment in Dubai is not limited to concerts and music shows, in fact world’s popular companies like Circ Du Soleil also performs live in Dubai.

Desert Camping

The summer nights in Dubai with full moon can be enjoyed best in the Arabian Desert. Since the brutal wind of summer days get even savage in desert, you better discard the idea of having Desert Safari in summer but the same desert acts differently at night when temperature drops to various degrees and winds become pleasant. BBQ, music, dance, and the gentle sight of Arabian dunes spread across the wide horizon look heavenly under the moonlight. You will fall in love with the Arabian Desert as soon as you visit it in a fresh summer night.

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