Things to do in Fiji

If you are looking for the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern city life, you may want to consider flying to Fiji. Fiji is one of the most preferred tropical destinations around the world. In fact, many travelers bought a property and settled down permanently in Fiji due to the luxurious yet relaxing lifestyle. It also has the perfect climate, best beaches and breathtaking surroundings. There is also a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities you can try. Here are some island activities you can do:

Shark Feeding

Shark feeding is the most unique and popular activity in Fiji, you definitely shouldn’t miss out. It is a great way to see the most feared predator in real action. During the activity, a licensed diver will feed the sharks while you watch from a safe distance. You can even encounter variety of fishes such as cod, grouper and red bass.

Snorkeling and Diving

With crystal clear calm waters, you can have an underwater adventure of a lifetime. You can snorkel or go scuba-diving and explore the rich marine life and amazing coral reefs underwater. Moreover, you don’t have to travel far as most resorts are relatively close to the coastline.

Go on a Leisure Cruise / Island Hopping

If you are looking for a laid-back activity, go on a cruise or sail and visit several islands out of the total 320. If you want to enjoy Fiji at night, most cruises will give you the choice to spend the night onboard. Make sure the cruise will pass by the Taveuni Island. Taveuni recently landed a spot on Trip Advisor’s list of Top 10 Beach Destinations in the South Pacific.

Get a Mud Bath

Tired of the same spa treatment? Try getting a mud bath, an ancient therapy which aims to sooth your dry skin.

Visit the Fiji Museum

If you want to know more about Fiji’s culture and history, you should head over on over to the Fiji Museum in Suva. Here, you can find various exhibits about traditional sailboats and weapons.

Go to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Garden of the Sleeping Giant located between Nadi and Lautoka is a famous tourism spot in Fiji. It was once a private 20 hectare garden filled with different species of plants and orchids. Today, the garden is now open to the public.


With Fiji’s luscious surroundings and cool breeze, it is hard to resist not go on hiking. Two of the most popular trails are the Lavena Coastal Walk and Tavoro Falls. If you are looking for some serious challenge, visit the Vidawa Forest Walk.


A golf enthusiast? You can find beginners to championship golf courses in Fiji. All of which are considered world-class facilities.

Take Part of an Ancient Religious Ceremony

Believe it or not, fire walking is also a popular activity for tourists. As the name suggests, you will be walking on hot stones.

Go Surfing

Love surfing? Head over to Fiji’s surfing spots such as the Tavarua Island, the Coral Coast and Beqa Island. Your chosen resort can also arrange a trip to the any of the said islands.

Get to Know the Locals

Don’t hesitate to talk with locals as they are very friendly and hospitable.

Fiji is the ideal destination for the ultimate tropical getaway. It has world-class beaches with a relaxing backdrop and ambiance  You can also engage in various Indoor and outdoor activities so you won’t get bored. With that in mind, plan a trip to Fiji now!

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