Top 5 Things to Do in Madrid

Buying a travel guide and visiting the most famous monuments is the most common way to discover the capital of Spain. Why go the usual route? Plan a special and unforgettable trip using these five adventures to get the most out of your experience. Let’s take a look!

Prado Museum: The Most Important Gallery of Spain

Considered to be one of the best galleries in the world thanks to the quality of paintings it hosts, The Prado Museum is a great way to experience the riches of the art world. Building a collection of masterpieces from a the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the Kings of Spain created a phenomenal royal collection to promote artists to the Court.

Among the painters featured are: from the Spanish school-Diego De Velazquez, Francisco de Goya and El Greco; from the Italians-Tziano, Tintoretto and Rapheal; from the Flemish master-Heironymus Bosch and Peter Paul Rubens.

Real Madrid Football: Matches of High Quality

One of the richest and most successful clubs in the world is the The Real Madrid club. For football fans, they can enjoy a match at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium-especially if they have afforded themselves the luxury of the VIP Box tickets. Attending a game in this venue will give you the opportunity to see and be amazed by the top players such as: Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema or Iker Casillas. Including a commercial center in one of the corners of the stadium, the seating capacity is more than 80 thousand.

The Ancient Tradition of Bullfighting

If you’re visiting between the months of April and October and want to experience real, ancient tradition, then you must attend a bullfighting even in Las Ventas, the most important arena for this event. Because of the acclaim, they have the best toreros and bravest breeds as their stars. These events garner the attention of and have attracted many famous people over the decades. Nobel writer, Ernest Hemingway and director, Orson Wells are included in a larger list of famous attendees.

The Flamenco Show: Real Spanish Traditional Music

For music the music lover, the Flamenco show is a top priority. Part of the folk genre born in southern Spain, it has become a highly popular genre in Madrid. Over the many tablaos (stages) of the city, you will find the best singers, dancers and guitarists performing this art with expert use of their voices, heel/floor methods of this specific dance and the exquisite musicality displayed by the guitarists. While you enjoy the show, many tickets also offer a tapas dinner. This is a chance for you to experience two aspects in one event-a great traditional show and taste the delicacies of Spanish cuisine.

How to Cook and Try a Delicious Dish: The Paella Experience

If you’re a true “foodie” you must try a paella-the most famous Spanish dish. The Paella Experience is a plan that has gained popularity in the city. This experience includes a chef accompanying you to the market, then back to the kitchen to aid you in preparing your meal and then you get to sit and share a special meal with your family. From seafood, to vegetable, to mixed paella, you choose which way you cook your meal. What’s better than learning how to prepare and then eat a fabulous dish? It’s the best souvenir you can take back!

The most difficult decision left to yo now is to chose which of these great plans you want! Pick one or choose all and you can’t go wrong. It will add something very special to your tour of Madrid.

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