Top 10 Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney offers many different areas and locations. Here is a look at recommendations for your time in Sydney.

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

One should defiantly go to this bridge for enjoying the panoramic view of the harbor, if climbing is not possible then drive across.

2. Sydney Opera House

This was completed in 1973, and is one of the most popular and iconic landmark. It is best to book a guide tour so that full tour of the building can be done while getting all the information. This place is a must to visit.

3. Bondi Beach

This beach is very popular and is very much liked by people as it offers crystal clean water with golden sands. Many different activities can be enjoyed here with the loved one.

4. Aria

This restaurant is the example of true dinning space with delicious food items; amazing views of the Opera house can be enjoyed with faultless service in this place. One should defiantly come here for a great meal with the loved one.

5. Taronga Zoo

It was started in 1916 and is situated near the shores of Sydney Harbour, one can see more than 2,500 different animals here and can spend great fun time with kids.

6. Good Living Growers’ Market

This market area is very popular as one can get all the different things at one place. There are 90 stalls offering different things. On should defiantly come to this market.

7. Manly Beach

One can visit this beach as it offers the best seaside views, even ferry can be enjoyed from this beach.

8. Blue Mountains

Great views of Sydney can be seen from the Blue Mountains. Spectacular scenery, flowers, greenery and wildlife can be enjoyed to the fullest.

9. Bungalow 8

This place is like heaven for seafood lovers. Great food items are served here with amazing wines. The lemongrass laksa stacked high with fresh mussels is the most famous dish of this place and is a must try.

10. Sydney Aquarium

The aquarium is a must visit as it offers more than 650 species of marine life. People enjoy their visit as it’s so different and colorful, even good food spots are also located for refreshments.

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