9 Amazing Things to Do in Venice, Italy

Want to make the absolute most of your experience while in Venice? Check out our list of the top 9 things to do in Venice, Italy.

Venice is a city of historical importance and immense beauty. The city is unique and distinguishes from other cities in the country. The capital of Veneto Region on the northern part of the country lies on 117 small islands.

The islands are divided by a network of canals and linked by a series of bridges. Venice has approximately 250,000 people, although it’s not the largest in Veneto. However, it’s among the most visited destinations in the country.

Are you wondering about the things to do in Venice Italy? The large tourist attraction has a lot to offer. The city is a historical stronghold that serves major military and financial centers.

Things to Do In Venice Italy

Today, Venice remains a vital economic center. It’s among the most well-known tourism cities in the world. Furthermore, the city has witnessed significant artistic and cultural development.

Do you want to explore or meet the absolute experience while in Venice? Check out to know the top 9 places to visit in Venice, Italy.

1. St. Mark’s Basilica

The sublime architecture piece is a famous and renowned building. It has stood time test since its establishment in 1092. It’s among the most significant religious buildings in the northern part of the country.

Every aspect of the church is fantastic. That’s from sculptures to ornate detail, and front façade artwork. There’s also the Byzantine works and beautifully painted frescos.

St. Mark’s Basilica is situated in the Piazza San Marco and it’s easily accessible from the Grand Canal. It’s among the best surviving recognizable Italian Byzantine architecture examples.

2. St. Mark’s Square

It’s the most popular piazza and situated on the Grand Canal. That’s opposite the San Giorgio Maggiore Island. The square is a spectacular place for tourists, and it’s a landmark in Venice.

Series of ornate buildings surround the piazza while arched walkways perfectly frame it. On the piazza, there are various crucial buildings. The impressive site provides an ideal place to begin your Venice tour.

3. Canale Grande

There are hundreds of canals in Venice that link to numerous islands. Canale Grande is the largest. The monumental canal resembles a river and stretches from one side to another.

Its great S bend shape snakes through the center while more than 170 buildings are lining the banks. The canal dates back to the 13 century. It has been the city’s vital waterway for years.
Four bridges are spanning the Grand Canal. You can walk along the sections, admire the buildings lining it, and watch the Venice busy water traffic.

4. Ponte di Rialto

It’s among the bridges that span the impressive Grand Canal. Ponte di Rialto is without a doubt among the iconic and famous structures. The bridge connects San Polo and San Marco districts. The popular tourist attraction is a crucial pedestrian thoroughfare.

Formerly a wooden bridge, the culmination has survived hundreds of years before it collapsed in 1524.

The design and detail of the rebuilt bridge are beautiful. Its symmetry flawlessly frames the Grand Canal. The serious of shops sell a wide sort of wares from jewelry to souvenirs.

5. Gallerie dell’Accademia

The museum is situated opposite the Ponte dell’Accademia. It stands on the Grande Canal and hosts a fine pre-19th-century collection art. The artists with featured works include Bellini, Titian, and Canaletto.

The building housing the gallery was a convent. It was changed into a museum in the 1700s. The gallery is outstanding for those who love iconic and Renaissance art masterpieces.

Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci is perhaps its best piece. It exhibits the ideal proportions of a man. Other recognizable works include Virgin and the Resurrection by Tintoretto.

There’s also the Battle of Lepanto by Veronese and the Child by Titian.

6. Venice Lido

The Lido is your place if searching for a relaxation spot that’s not crowded by tourists. It’s a separate island that form’s a barrier between the Adriatic Sea and Venice. It features a beautiful long stretch that you should enjoy.

Venice Lido is home to thousands of inhabitants. There are shops, hotels, restaurants, and host of residential areas.

Lido has a relaxed and calmer feeling to central Venice. The escape offers a stark contrast to the waterways and busy streets that envelope the Grand Canal.

7. Doges Palace

It’s among the renowned buildings in Venice. You approach it from the Campanile and Basilica. Doges Palace stands in St. Mark’s Square and looks onto the Grand Canal.

The ornate place is stunning. Its front façade features a gorgeous arched design that’s made of white stone. It has diamond patterns’ series on the walls.

Inside, the palace is impressive. The series of massively decorated rooms have furniture, artwork, and original details.

8. Bridge of Sighs

It’s a small bridge in the scheme of Venice. The Bridge of Sighs is among the commonly viewed structures. The bridge is a vital historic landmark and passes above the Rio di Palazzo.

Bridge of Sighs links Doge’s Palace and the Prigioni Nuove. It’s a must to glimpse this iconic bridge if visiting St. Mark’s Square.

9. Ride a Vaporetto via the Grand Canal

It’s the primary type of transport in Venice. You get a glimpse of the train in the central station. You can also walk on foot along the streets. But the true experience is right from the water. The Vaporetto system is one of the fastest and efficient ways of traveling to different islands.

You can purchase extended passes for multiple uses. You don’t have to fret about buying tickets every time. Are you thinking about what to do in Venice? Try your voyage on the Vaporetto. Get the taste of the water traffic, sights, and sounds via the Grand Canal. You can as well try the view tours.

You will agree with me that Venice is a must-go tourist attraction. The city’s palpable history dates back more than 1000 years. You will enjoy beachside excursions, island jaunts, and inspirational art museums.

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