Three Ways to Travel the World While Working

Taking a trip is one of the things most Americans want to do do each year. Unfortunately, too many of us are unable to travel: the costs, the time off work and the logistics of finding a location everyone can agree on are all factors in our inability to fly off into the Hawaiian or Jamaican sunset.

With it being so hard to get away for a vacation, some people opt to travel in a more creative manner: they choose careers that will allow them to see different parts of the world. Here are some careers that allow people to travel while doing what they love!

Flight Attendant

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average salary for a flight attendant in 2010 was $37,740. While some airlines require a high school diploma, as well as on-the-job training, other airlines desire flight attendants with a college degree or experience in customer service.

Flight attendants travel to a variety of destinations, both domestic and international. However, many of the best trips are given to flight attendants with seniority: thus, you may need to fly to Paris, Texas, a few dozen times before you can go to Paris, France.

While working in the airline industry has its benefits (with travel being the largest perk), there are downsides. Because so much time is spent away, it can also leave relationships with friends, family, and significant others a bit up in the air.

English Teacher

According to USA Today, English speakers can go to nearly any country around the globe and find a job teaching. Some countries want people with teaching experience, while others only care that they know the English language inside and out.

The benefits of teaching in a foreign country include meeting new people, enjoying new experiences and learning new languages (often, English teachers find themselves learning the native language of the land they are visiting). The downside of teaching overseas often involves home sickness, as well as a period of acclimation. In certain areas of the world, such as North Korea, it might also be unsafe for Americans to teach.

Travel Nurse

Nurses are among the most sought-after professionals: the job growth for those in healthcare is projected at 20 percent over the next decade. Part of this is that healthcare will always be in high demand, even more so as the average human lifespan increases.

Traveling nurses can enjoy the benefits of traditional nurses while seeing the world. The logistics might differ based on the nursing agency, but, in general, traveling nurses choose assignments that can last between two months and a year. Some agencies only work within the 50 U.S. states; others are international.

Not only does being a travel nurse allow you to see new things, but it can help you amass a nest egg: many jobs offer completion bonuses in addition to free housing while you are on the job.

The challenges one might experience as a travel nurse are similar to those mentioned for the other jobs above. However, travel nurses may find an additional challenge if they work in an area that is somewhat lacking in modern medicine, such as Africa or certain impoverished parts of the world.

And there you have it: a few of the careers that allow people to travel while they work. If you believe one of these is for you, and you’ve made the same New Year’s Resolution to travel more over and over again, start exploring what training or education you need to begin your new job.

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