Top 10 Things to Do in Brisbane

Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and offers many amazing locations. Here are some of the best places, which are a must to visit:

1. Footsteps Gallery

This place hosts art exhibitions of different artists, who have started painting from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This helps in giving them opportunity to paint more paintings and showcase their ideas to the public.

2. Breakfast Creek Hotel

This is a very famous restaurant cum bar in Brisbane offering the best wines, beers and other cocktails, even delicious food items are also served here, one can hang out here with friends and can spend great time.

3. St John’s Cathedral

This church is famous as people like to visit this place for both religious and historical aspects. It is the best example of 19th-century Gothic Revival architecture; people come here from various different locations so it is a must to visit.

4. The Monkeys Coffee House

This café is serving people from last 14 years. It is very popular for its delicious coffee and tea, even the chocolate cake is also very famous. One should defiantly come to this place and taste the delicious food items.

5. Sciencentre

This museum is a must to see by taking the car hire services as it displays different things related to science. Kids love this place as there are so many things to explore, which offers fun as well as knowledge.

6. Alma Park Zoo

This zoo is home to many different animal species; one can come here by taking the hired car and can enjoy the day with friends and family. Proper sitting areas are provided for taking rests with small food joints.

7. New York Slice

For pizza lovers, this is the best place to enjoy different varieties of pizzas, with fresh toppings and loads of cheeses they are the best pizza sellers.

8. Folio Books

This is a very small and cozy shop offering all the different types of books; one can get the best collection at reasonable rates.

9. James Street Market

This market street is known for its excellent quality of seafood products. The rates are high but worth spending for the good quality, one can come here for buying the best products.

10. Brisbane Botanic Garden

This botanical garden include over 20,000 types of different plants, one can come here and relax the senses by exploring the greenery and the natural beauty of this garden.

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