Top 5 Emergency Essentials for Every Road Trip

Road-tripping is a popular vacation idea, especially during the summer and the winter holiday season. Although it is fun, traveling by car has its own set of potential troubles. Packing a few emergency essentials can give the traveler peace of mind and a game plan in case something goes wrong.

1. Flashlight

In case the car gets stuck, a flashlight is an important instrument for many reasons. It can be used to draw attention to the situation and signal for help. For minor car problems, the light may even be sufficient to help someone identify the problem and potentially even fix it. While a flashlight or two can be helpful on the road, it can also come in handy if it is brought into the hotel at night. Most hotel rooms do not have emergency flashlights, but having a flashlight can make all the difference in case of an emergency.

2. Water

Although this recommendation may sound obvious, many people travel long distances without packing any water. Food is a wise choice, too, but people cannot survive nearly as long without water as they can without food. Water is especially important during the summer, when a stranded carload of passengers may quickly dehydrate and experience heat stroke. This can all be avoided by packing a few gallons of water in the trunk of the car.

3. Blankets

Blankets are important because they are a simple way to bring the right amount of warmth. This is especially important during the winter because frostbite can occur in minutes if skin is exposed. Bundling up is wise for prolonged periods of time, but it can even be handy while waiting for roadside assistance to arrive. People often forget that many desert environments get rather cold at night, so even a road trip in the summer desert warrants a few extra blankets in the trunk.

4. Whistles

Blowing a whistle can draw attention to an emergency situation and can help passengers find each other. People who are especially vulnerable to injury may want to wear a whistle or carry one in a pocket that is easy to access.

5. First Aid Kit

These can be purchased rather cheaply and contain all sorts of important emergency items. Bandages, gauze, and individually packaged dosages of various medications can help with simple injuries and ailments or offer temporary relief while waiting for help.

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