Top 5 Resorts for Your Next Mancation

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Everyone needs a vacation, and men are no exception to that rule. Every day, more and more men are making the decision to pack their bags and hit the road with a few buddies for a week or two of fun. Here are five of the top resorts catering to the everyday man looking to take a mancation.

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Ponoi River Company

The Ponoi River Company, located on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, is a fly fisherman’s dream come true. With three rustic, but luxurious, camps there is plenty of river to go around, with record-breaking fish being caught almost every day. With small touches that never make it feel too rustic, the Ponoi River Company offers one of the best retreats a man can ask for.

Conrad Glacier Experience

Looking for something a little more extreme than your average vacation? The Conrad Glacier Experience has got you covered. With the help of a knowledgeable guide, and a helicopter ride in, this mancation will find you hiking through canyons, sliding across ziplines, and strolling across rope bridges, all within the scenery of British Columbia, getting you as far from civilization (and work) as possible, just don’t forget your warm clothes when you pack for your vacation!

Conrad Glacier

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Caesar’s Atlantic City

Everyone loves a little gambling, and with the explosion of Atlantic City’s reputation thanks to popular TV shows and books, it’s starting to be recognized as the respectable man’s Las Vegas. The newly opened Caesar’s has over 145,000 square feet of gambling area, as well as daily entertainment.

Atlantic City

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Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas

Well known for its scenic views and history, Lake Powell is quickly becoming a top destination amongst men looking to get away and have some fun. With two separate marinas both offering different attractions, from crank-pulled wake boarding, to world-class cuisine at the world’s largest floating restaurant, Lake Powell is the place to be for any man who loves the water.

Lake Powell

Photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt

Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa

Named “One of the Top 500 Hotels in the World” by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2008, the Ross Bridge Golf Resort is located on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, with access to more than 72 holes and one of the longest PGA courses in the world.


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