Top 5 Boating Vacation Spots in the U.S.

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The United States has a lot to offer when it comes to boating vacations. It has a vast array of lakes and rivers, not to mention it is home to the Pacific Ocean in the West, and the Atlantic Ocean in the East. The U.S. offers vacationers plenty of opportunities to go sailing, fishing, or just going on a pleasure cruise all year round. Here are 5 of the best boating spots in the United States:

1. Hawaii

Being a tropical island and being surrounded by water, Hawaii is one of the best places to go boating. The island has a great record when it comes to entertaining vacationers and tourists. Hawaii has plenty of activities for vacationers, boating being one of them. Fishing and sailing are the main attractions in Hawaii when it comes to boating. Its exotic scenery never fails to amaze. Hawaii is also known for its cruises that let people enjoy the beauty of the islands in a very different perspective.


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2. California

People around the world know about California for its breathtaking beauty and its people’s unique lifestyle. The ocean is a very important aspect to California residents, and it is very evident in how they live their lives. The Pacific Ocean stretches along California for thousands of miles, making the state a very idyllic place for boating. Sailing and fishing are very popular in the area. California is considered the prime location for boat enthusiasts on the West Coast.


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3. Arizona

Despite practically being a landlocked state, Arizona’s lakes become a haven for many. Lakes in Arizona are well known for partygoers as well as extreme sports enthusiasts, particularly wake boarders and skiers. The lakes offer a wonderful beach vibe that help people forget that they are actually thousands of miles away from the ocean.

Lake Powell, Arizona

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4. Florida

Florida is the premiere boating spot on the East Coast. The Key West, located on the Southern tip of the state are a few of the best places to visit in the area. Florida is known for fishing and sailing, but it is also known for extreme sports activities such as wake boarding and water skiing, as its lakes and marshes provide the best playground for such enthusiasts.

Florida Keys

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5. Michigan

Lake Michigan is a very family-oriented place. Although sailing is also popular in the area, it is really the fishing that sets it apart. Lake Michigan has a vast variety of catch that excites both commercial fishermen and hobbyists. Cruises are also offered in the area, providing the best sights of the state, making it a very ideal family activity.

Lake Michigan

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Of course with boating activities, travelers need a seaworthy means of transportation. Different boats and boat operators offer all sorts of water craft that cater to the needs of every type of boater. When it comes to boating or sailing, people either go for the fishing or feeding the aggression of extreme sports enthusiasts, not to mention the best yachts for those who seek both luxury and pleasure while in the ocean.

Jeanne Ventura enjoys traveling. Recently, she boarded a sea ray boat to experience a luxurious lifestyle but still on the edge of adventure.

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