Top Places to Enjoy Luxury Italian Country Homes

Italian Home

If you’re looking to purchase a house in Europe, few places can offer what the northern region of Italy can. The proximity of the north of the country to other parts of Europe, good resale value, vibrant and multicultural city life combined with remnants of archaic culture makes the northern region of the peninsula the best choice for investing in property.

All kinds of real estate flourish in Italy. Villas by the coastline, sleek apartments in the city, to ski chalets, everything that you wish for can be found in northern region of the country. Here are a few places you may consider before looking for property on the Italian market.

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Busy, bustling and chic, Milan has a proud history. Recognised as one of the main cultural, economical and commercial cities of Italy, Milan is multiethnic and makes for a fantastic place to stay, whether on a holiday, or permanently. Wealthy people who own businesses and expats move to Milan for need housing and work.

The rates of rent in the city are very high, and even purchasing a property is likely to cost you a fortune. However, once you buy a house in the elegant city, you can be assured of highly profitable returns. Renting the house or re-selling it will surely give you more than the amount you invested. Moreover, the stunning works of architectural brilliance and an effervescent nightlife combined with its love for fun, fashion and football make Milan the city of dreams.


Emilia Romagna’s capital, Bologna is home to the world’s most famous spaghetti dish. It also boasts a university that is the second oldest on the planet. Medieval heritage and a happy people make Bologna an intriguing town. The cost of living is not as high as in Milan, and this is due to the limited number of tourists that visit the place. If you’re looking for a villa on the beach, Rimini is very close by, and has a very relaxed vacation atmosphere.

The Lakes

Garda, Maggiore and Como offer scintillating views, and are popular tourist attractions because of their natural beauty. The prices of houses are a little expensive, because of the sheer tranquillity of the place. However, located nearby are the medieval towns of Mantova, Brescia, Pavia and Cremona, where real estate rates are much lower.


Situated at the foot of the mountain, this town makes for a fantastic ski destination. While the winters are spent mainly in the snow, the summers are slightly hot, but breezy. Charming homes and ski chattels are found in abundance here. Purchasing property in Piemonte will make it very easy to travel to France as the Frejus Tunnel connects Piemonte to France.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

With a powerful Yugoslavian influence, the Friuli Venezia Giulia offers homes and property at prices that are much lower than other parts of Italy. Possessing a diverse scenery, great wine and food are the highlights of this town. The Grado and Lignano beaches and mountains make it a scenic paradise.

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