Top Places to Visit This Year

If you love to travel, chances are that you will always be up for an adventure in unexplored countries and newly-buzzing cities. For this year, there are many fantastic destinations that you should consider. Here is a look at a few.


The economy of Panama has been on the rise and you can see high rise buildings and other signs of developments very easily. Owing to this, Panama has witnessed an influx of investors and expatriates en masse. The investors are looking to capitalize on the booming economy with hotels and other business investments whereas the expatriates are looking for a cheap yet beautiful city to retire in. All these factors place Panama at the top of this list. You are assured of not having even a single dull moment in the city!

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Panama is the historic Panama Canal. Among the numerous development projects that are being undertaken in Panama, the expansion of the canal is one of the projects. After completion, it will be deeper, wider and the cargo capacity of the canal will be doubled. So, if you want to witness the sight of the canal as it was originally constructed, now is the time to pay a visit.

There are many activities that you can partake in like snorkeling, backpacking and zip lining. To complement that, the nightlife is vibrant with abundant watering holes and some classy pubs and bars.

Helsinki, Finland

The whole world is currently infatuated with Nordic Culture due to the culinary awakening of Copenhagen and fashion in Stockholm. The spotlight is now shifted on Helsinki. You will be in for a design treat if you visit the city in 2012 as it has been appointed as The Design Capital of the world for 2012.

One can easily associate design with Helsinki as it is a part of the city’s DNA but the scene has been energized in recent times. Currently, the design district covers 25 streets with design-oriented businesses like furniture, boutique hotels, housewares, clothing stores, etc. Even the restaurants have become design-minded with some Michelin starred restaurants cropping up.

A fitting finale to the trip will be a visit to the new Helsinki Music Center. Built at a cost of $242 million, it hosts shows from students of Sibelius Academy, Finland’s only academy exclusively dedicated to music.


Myanmar was always on the wish list of world travelers but due to its authoritarian government, it was not open to tourists. The situation has since changed from November 2010, when the country’s gates were opened to tourists.

The reason why you simply must visit Myanmar in 2012 is to see how it has retained its original charm over the decades. When you set foot in the ‘Land of The Golden Pagoda’, you feel the sense of peace that can be associated with Buddhist culture. The hospitality of the city is genuine and the people here welcome you with open arms.

There are a lot of experiences to be enjoyed in Myanmar. The cultural treasures, boutique hotels which are of world-class standards, the deserted and peaceful beaches, and the scenic locations are especially noteworthy.


London has always been a top vacation destination, but the main reason for visiting it in 2012 is because of the 2012 Olympics. The city is dotted with constructions of the new stadiums and facilities for the games. You can be one of the few people in the world to get a special preview of the facilities before they are officially inaugurated for the games!

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