The Top Religious Destinations Around the World

Most tourists are traveling to see amazing places or to relax and rest. Another reason why many tourist are traveling to distant destinations is pilgrimage. Most religions have certain places and destinations that hold a high significance, and in this post we will show you some of the most visited: Mecca, Golden Temple, Bahá’í Gardens, The Vatican, Jerusalem, Bodhi Tree and the Karnak Temple Complex.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mecca is the holiest city in the religion of Islam and it is place where Muhammad revealed the Quran. Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia, in its western part, near the coast of the Red Sea.

Golden Temple – Amritsar, India

The Golden Temple or The Harmandir Sahib is located in the city of Amritsar in northern India. It was built in 16th century.It is considered holy by Sikhs.

Bahá’í Gardens – Haifa, Israel

Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Israel. Bahá’í Gardens were designed by the architect Bariborz Sahba.

The Vatican – Rome, Italy

The Vatican is center of Catholicism and the location of the Pope’s official residence. It is located in Rome, but it is a sovereign territory. Apart from its religious significance it is famous for its amazing architecture.

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is a holy place for three religion — Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In its long history it was destroyed many times. Now days it is in the center of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Bodhi Tree – Bodh Gaya, India

The Bodhi Tree is a sacred fig tree, located in Bodh Gaya, India. It is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites.

Karnak Temple Complex – Luxor, Egypt

The Karnak Temple Complex consists of ruins of old Egyptian temples built during the reign of Senusret I. The Karnak Temple Complex is located near the Nile River in central Egypt.

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