Affordable Ways to Travel Across the Country

Many people fail to travel because they do not have enough money. Even if globetrotting is expensive, there are inexpensive and creative tips that can help you in saving cost when traveling across your country. Travelers can satisfy their wanderlust and stick to their budget by adopting these tricks. For instance, you can save some pennies by choosing a vacation that is less expensive or by choosing economical ways of traveling such as bus and train.

Travelers can also save cost by using scenic routes that are more flexible and short. Also, they can save money and time by considering alternate dates, destination and departure locations. Ideally, you should take time when planning your trip. A traveler can choose the cheapest mode of transport by comparing the cost of boarding plane, taking a train or bus.

The following are the common modes of transport that you need to consider when traveling:

Hiring a Car

Individuals who don’t have personal cars can hire some from car renting companies. Sixt is one of the car rental companies that you can consider. This is one of the car rental companies that have earned a good reputation in different parts of the world. In fact, it has become one of the leading car rental providers in the world. It has opened branches in more than 105 countries. Travelers can easily book the cars of their choice by visiting the company’s website. Their cars are found in nearly all the major cities and tourist destinations in the world. You can also find their cars at convenient places like cruise ports, hotels, train stations, and airports. This company is known for offering premium, affordable car rental services. They have different types of cars including SUVs, luxury models compact vans, and 15-seater passenger vans, which are meant to meet the mobility needs of their customers.

Riding a Bus

This is considered to be one of the cheapest and convenient modes of transport. Some of the bus carriers that you can find in the US include Greyhound. These buses are known for travelling the major tourist destinations and cities. With bus travel, travelers are given more options for destinations and departure locations. Even if this mode of transport is not time-efficient, it is a good way of saving money/cash when traveling across the country.

Travelling by Train

You can travel from one destination to other very fast by booking a high speed train. Travelers are given an opportunity of viewing some spectacular sites such as the Nevada desert, Colorado landscapes and San Francisco Bay. In addition to this, you can opt to use budget trains which take about four days to travel across the US. Some of the train companies such as Amtrak are known for offering awesome deals to their customers. For instance, travelers are given time to choose their favorite routes. These trains cover more than 500 destinations. However, traveling by train is relatively pricier than riding a bus.


The cost of air transport varies from time to time. It mainly depends on what week or day you travel. You can save money by booking a plane in advance. Flying is considered as one of the quickest and cheapest options. For instance, you can fly from New York to San Francisco by snagging a one-way ticket of 150 USD. You should consider booking plane if you want to save time and money.

Comparing the various modes of transport discussed above is going to help you in choosing the most convenient and cheapest mode of transport when traveling. Some of the main factors that determine the mode of transport chosen include time, departure and destination locations, and cost. In addition to this, you can also save money by camping across the country, finding cheap foods and planning your trip.

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