How to Turn Your Room Into a Traveler’s Den With Decor

Everyone loves to make their room the reflection of one’s passion. If your passion is traveling, let your room speak for you. If you are a travel enthusiast, you must remind yourself of your achievements and showcase all your journeys interestingly.

Traveling their room looks inspiring to others and motivates you to plan the next trip. After all those trips, you must feel at home and see what you love when you return to your den.

Here are some unique ideas you can put into your room to make it awe-inspiring.

Travel Bedding

Travel Bedding
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The essential element of your room is your bed, and it must display your craziness for touring. You can buy cushions which have maps printed on them and pictures of some famous destinations.

Another fun idea is to go for a comforter with stamp prints on it. A constellation or miniature prints of famous monuments, these small details will look so fresh.

Wall Art Full of vision

Wall art with beautiful destinations you want to cover or already did over your bed wall will look amazing.  Wall canvas with a world map, Eiffel tower, StonehengePin-UpPin-Up, pyramids, or witty travel quotes. A canvas will give a finishing look to your walls and look so great.

You don’t only have to go for sizable pieces. You can order a small-framed or unframed canvas. Hexagonal, panoramic, vertical, or whatever fits in your room. Try to buy wall arts from trusted sites like ElephantStock.

Decal Stickers

Decal stickers that are easily removable look so dope. You can buy them in the shape of words cut out like “ Not all those who wander are lost,” “TRAVEL,” and much more.

In addition, you can opt for globe-shaped or famous location stickers. They look outstanding and wake up your walls.

Souvenir Frames From Various Destinations

Dedicate a frame boxed to each of your destinations. You can line them up on one of your walls. Put your tickets, things you collected there, and photos on the glass-framed box.

Label each with the destination. This is just not for showing glass-framed but reminding you how long you have come.

The Suitcase Decor

It looks very vintage and adds to the aesthetics. Pile up your vintage suitcase and make a bedside table for your bed. Place a lamp and planter on it.

You can also make a coffee table from the suitcases. First, open up a suitcase on a table and arrange your essentials on it. Then, accessorize it with string lights and plants.

Wall Art
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Large Compass

The directions and travelers go hand in hand. A significant compass on the wall with a rustic, classic look will look so dashing. You can hang it on one of the walls, and it will complement your room decor.

Globe Pen Stand

A pen stand on your study table, which is globe-shaped and patterned, will level up your stationery.

Different Zone Clocks

On your living room wall or hallway wall, you can execute this fantastic idea. Hang a clock with different time zones. The vintage look will look so royal and eye-catching—Times of other countries’ names written above it.

Keep Your Travel Gear Organized

You must possess travel gear like sleeping bags, stoves, climbers, and other valuable things. Organize them correctly on the rack of wooden organizers with all the equipment. The camera and digital stuff and this personal gallery will look so unique and inspire you.

Postcard and Tickets

Excitingly display your postcards and tickets. You may think of throwing them, but actually, they look adorable. You can make postcard flags and keep them on a stand.

You can put all your tickets in a mason jar and add lights to it. Going through these things will make you proud and nostalgic at the same time.

Polaroid Photo Display

Have you kept all your travel polaroid prints locked in a closet? It’s time you flaunt your photos in exciting wall decor.

Join all your pictures with the help of invisible threads, tie them to a wooden log and hang them on your living room wall. Then, add some string lights to it, and wow, fantastic wall decor is made.

Framed Currencies

Take the traveling theme makeover to the next level by framing the coins and notes in your room. The collection will look so exotic, and what’s better than displaying your treasures.

Pin-Up the Map

Map Wall Art
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Invest in a corkboard world map or wallpaper. Pinup and illuminate the destinations you have already covered. You can also create a web from all the places and stick a photo of that place.

Summing Up

There are so many ways in which you can transform your home into a travel theme. DIY some things, and display all your trips with valuable memories and souvenirs in exciting ways.

Everyone will be amazed by your effort and would love to start a conversation on every journey of yours.

Images by ElephantStock, used with permission.

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