There’s Nothing Comfier Than a Travel Pillow – Here’s How You Can Find the Perfect One!

Like many of you, I am a victim of this popular line: “Hey! Let’s go on a road trip!”

With all the talk about travel, wanderlust, and adventure in social media, people have their eyes set on traveling – especially during the summer months. They can get pretty crazy when it comes to planning itineraries – from nature trips to beach adventures and even backyard camping! There is literally no end to people’s thirst for adventure. Some are even considering leaving their usual routine and live life on the road. Travelling has become so mainstream that I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing anymore. It’s good because people are coming back to nature and yet it’s bad because they seem to be flocking to nature in big numbers – and that can be pretty disastrous in the long run. I can literally name several wonderful places off the top of my head that suffered because of the massive influx of tourists.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day.

But that settles it. Traveling is something a lot of people want to do often and I bet you are one of them. Luckily, what we’re going to talk about today has something to do with traveling. Actually, scratch that. It’s one of the essentials when it comes to traveling.

Don’t get me wrong. I also like going to places. In fact, I love it very much. After all, for me, traveling is my escape. Work, life, and everything in-between can be a little overbearing sometimes. The stress piles up and everything just feels suffocating. It is during times when I can’t take it anymore that I get the urge to get away, to live life as plainly as possible, and go after the little things that truly bring me happiness. When you’re out there, it feels as if the world really is bigger than your problems. And for a moment, even if it’s just for a little while, you feel at peace – I feel at peace.
What I don’t like about traveling is the idea of “road trips.” My friends always so enthusiastically call me out of my den screaming “road trip, road trip!” and it turns out that what they want is a snooze fest! It doesn’t take long before the friend who shouts “Shotgun!” suddenly wakes everyone with a loud snore. One minute, everyone is so hype and gung-ho. The next minute, they’re all napping with their mouths wide open and drool dripping all over their face. Phew! It’s hard being the group’s designated driver. You get stuck with the hard and dragging task while everyone else takes the express train to dreamland.

Life’s unfair, I know. And if you’re like me, who always gets stuck in situations like this, it’s about time you pay them back the favor. Ask for a road trip and get another friend (preferably the first one to fall asleep during a long drive) to do the driving. Let’s see how they like it!
But before you go to battle, you have to be prepared. You need to have the best, comfiest, and fluffiest travel pillow on the planet! You need to have the perfect nap pillow with you on this trip – the kind that your friends will envy at first sight! It’s about time you pay them back for the favor in the most comical way possible!

For this mission, I have prepared the following pointers to help you choose the best travel pillows ever! Let’s start with what sort of pillow you need to have.

Generally, I like any of these three types of travel softies:


Well, you all know what plushies are, don’t you? Plushies are pillow-like toys with fun character designs. Don’t be deceived by their appearance though. Some plushies can be just as comfortable as they are adorable. The gang will definitely envy you for owning one of these. Just make sure that it’s super comfy and easy to carry though!

Neck Pillow

The neck pillow or “C-pillow” is one of the best comfort items to own. It’s a pillow specifically designed to hug your neck so that you can comfortably take a nap anytime, anywhere. You can even have a decent nap while sitting upright! A neck pillow and a long drive is the perfect combo!


I like to call this type as the “Candy Cane” just because it looks like one! It’s like a neck pillow but one end straightens out and is usually longer. This is perfect for snoozers who love to cuddle. So the “hook” part allows your head to rest easy while the long part is good for cuddles – definitely a must-have comfort item! Your friends will die to have this in their hands during the trip!

If you’ve decided on what type of pillow you want, the next things to consider are:


The texture of the pillow heavily depends on the material used for the covering. I highly suggest choosing something made of cotton – any other material is not suited for hot weather. Silky or velvety coverings tend to make hot weather feel sticky and humid. You don’t really want to wake up soaked in sweat now, do you? On the other hand, cotton is smooth and breathable.


This refers to how “solid” or “full” your pillow is. A little bit of bounciness will feel good too! A firmer pillow is often recommended because it will help you avoid putting too much stress on your neck area – especially when you’re sleeping in an upright position. It will prevent you from having a dreaded stiff-neck!

Size or Fit

Lastly, the size is a big consideration. You don’t want anything too small or too big – especially when you’re going with the neck pillow. Surely, suffocating from a neck pillow is not the way you want to go. Just choose something that feels right and not tight. Trust me; your friends will envy how you cozy up to a perfectly fitted head pillow during your trip!

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