27 Online Social Networks for Travelers

Travelers have the ability to connect with other travelers through a wide variety of social networking websites. While major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter get most of the attention from the media, travel-specific sites can be incredibly helpful and fun for those who want to connect with like-minded people. Whether you want to share your photos and stories, meet up with someone while you’re traveling, or find reviews from other travelers, the sites mentioned here will prove to be highly useful.

Real Travel

Real Travel provides travel reviews and deals for vacations, flights and hotels. You can share your own travel experiences with a blog, a dynamic map of your travel, upload photos, and connect with other travelers.


TripConnect will allow you to build a network of other travelers and share experiences and tips. You can easily browse destinations and find the reviews and tips left by other users.


TripAdvisor exists to help travelers book the perfect trip by providing reviews from other travelers. You can search for hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, and you can compare and find deals on all kinds of travel.


Matador is an online community of travelers, photographers and adventurers. At Matador you can share you own experiences, get tips and meet other travelers with similar interests.


With Triporama you can plan a trip, create a trip homepage, send invitations to friends, share information, discuss places to go, map your travels and more. The site also includes current deals and group travel guides.


TripSay gives you recommendations from travelers like you, whose taste overlaps with yours. You can share your trips and experiences with other users and exchange tips with friends.


CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit. You can create an account and find hosts in other locations where you will be traveling, or you can host other travelers.


GeckoGo is a network where you can share your travel experiences and tips, as well as learn from others. You can ask questions about trips or destinations to be answered by the community. Additionally, you can check up on attractions recommended by other users, or you can recommend your favorite places.


TravBuddy allows users to share reviews, photos and blogs. You can also search destinations and hotel reviews to help with your own trip planning. There’s also a fun feature that provides you with your own world map that you can use to track where you have traveled, and it can be added to MySpace or to a blog.


Travellerspoint is an online community that provides blogs, photos, forums and travel guides. You can create an account and share your own experiences with others, or browse through the information provided by other travelers.


WAYN stands for Where Are You Now. With WAYN you can create a profile and share your own experiences with others. WAYN allows you to find and meet people from anywhere in the world based on your location.


Bluenity is a social network run by Air France and KLM. With Bluenity you can find other travelers on your trip and meet up at the airport, on the plane, or at your destination.


FlyerTalk is a community for frequent flyers. There is a foum for communicating with other frequent flyers, and information on travel-related loyalty reward programs.


BootsnAll is a community where travelers can share experiences, read reviews and provide advice for other travelers. There is a members-only forum and access to travel “insiders”.

Virtual Tourist

Virtual Tourist offers travel guides, reviews, photos, forums, deals and more. You can create a profile to share your own experiences and meet other members.


World66 provides travel guides on 20,000 destinations and includes 80,000 articles from travelers. World66 is a collaborative project by travelers that helps others to find great destinations.

Flight Club

With Flight Club you can find other travelers to meet up with on the plane, at the airport, or afterwards.


Dopplr is the “social atlas.” Enter your travel schedule and you’ll find out if people you are connected to will be in the same locations at the same time.


With TripWolf you can research and plan your trips with the help of user reviews and tips. Aside from just user reviews and tips, they also have information provided by Footprint Travel Guides.


OnTheRoad lets you plan your travels and share your adventures real-time with your friends, family or the world.


iTourist is a travel-based social networking community and guide for the world’s travellers! Share your life journey with family and friends and make many new friends along the way. Find new destinations for your life’s journey and share your experiences with others.


BeWelcome is a culture crossing network that lets you share a place to sleep, meet up and help others on their way.


Discover what people like you have seen and enjoyed, get advice to make the most of your travel, and connect to friends and like minded travelers.


YowTRIP is a network of city ambassadors.Connect with locals at your next destination.


At 43Places you can mark the places that you have been, ask questions, get advice, upload pictures and interact with other travelers.


Sosauce – short for “Social Sauce” – highlights the saucy side of travel and the social aspect that gives it value.


Share travel experiences, plan and book the perfect trip, network with like-minded travellers from across the globe.

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