TripLingo Makes it Easy to Communicate with Locals While Traveling

One of the biggest challenges of traveling in a foreign country is not always being able to communicate with the people. TripLingo helps to make it possible to communicate through several different apps for the iPhone, Android, and Nook. TripLingo currently offers apps for Spanish (separate apps for Mexico and Spain), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese (Thai is coming soon).

The TripLingo apps include a number of awesome features like:

  • Audio and Pronunciation – Hear each phrase in audio or view the pronunciation.
  • Slang Slider – Multiple ways to say each phrase, from formal to slang.
  • Intelligent Algorithm – While learning the language, TripLingo will focus on those you are least familiar with, using its algorithm.
  • Flash Cards – Test your knowledge in a fun way.
  • Badges – You can earn badges to keep track of your progress with the language.
  • Dictionary – The 2,000 word dictionary makes it easy to quickly find the most common words that you will need.
  • Word Bank – Browse through similar words that are grouped together, with audio and pronunciation for each phrase.
  • Cultural Info – Each phrase includes information about how it relates to the culture, making it easier to communicate effectively.

The cost of each Android app is $6.99, and $9.99 for iPhone and Nook apps. Visit TripLingo for more info.

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