Top 5 Underrated Tourist Destinations


There are many locations across the globe that are perfect for holidays, and not all of them are as well known as others. Sure, you may have been to amazing places before, but why not try somewhere new? The world is huge, and no matter what you want from your holiday, you’ll be able to find somewhere that suits your holiday needs.

Plus, these countries are perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the huge crowds of tourists that the more well known holiday locations bring in. Here are just some of the tourist destinations that you could visit that are highly underrated.

1. The Philippines

The Philippines don’t get much tourist attention, which is odd, considering the fact that this massive country is made up of more than 7000 islands. There are many stunning beaches to relax on, places to visit and things to see and do. Plus, since most of the people there speak English, you won’t suffer with any language barriers. For anyone who wants to explore and relax, there’s almost no reason not to go.

2. Alaska

Alaska may be very cold, but if you visit this country on a cruise, you could relax whilst taking in the amazing scenery. Alaska cruises start with Celebrity, in fact the Celebrity Cruise Line is one of the most well known in the region and offers a stunning variety of options to their passengers. You’ll be able to see the mind-blowing sights that Alaska has to offer and be able to relax on a cruise boat all at the same time. Could you get anything better from a holiday?

3. Canada

This country may not have the best weather, but it’s certainly a great place to visit. Why? Because of the beautiful landscapes, many World Heritage Sites and the cities that are full of tradition and culture. Sure, you won’t have the opportunity to relax on a beach in the sun, but you’ll certainly have an interesting holiday if you go to Canada.

4. Madagascar

If you’d rather spend some time with nature and animals that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, then you need to visit Madagascar. Yet, despite the fact that there is so much unique and amazing wildlife in this huge country, it’s not a big tourist attraction. So, if you’re looking for a bit more adventure, then this is the place to go.

5. Belize

Belize may offer some of the best diving spots, beautiful beaches, archaeological sites and much more, but it’s one of the most underrated tourist destinations of them all. If you want to avoid the huge numbers of tourists that the more popular destinations bring in, then this is definitely the place to go.

Plus, there are many things that make this place more familiar to British tourists, too. One of the things that you may notice is that the Queen’s head is on the Belize Dollar. These similarities can make the experience even better!

The Most Underrated Locations

These are just some of the many places in the world that don’t get as much attention as they deserve. So why not go to one of these places for a holiday and see for yourself just how incredible they can be?

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