Unforgettable Places to Travel You Should Not Miss

Deciding on a travel decision is usually a hard nut to crack. Confusion may even land you in a place where you do not enjoy, or your thirst for exploration remains unquenched. However, it gets better because the work has been done for you. Also, remember to rent a house for your holiday with a credible company that has handpicked and tested the accommodation to ensure it is up to standard and fit for the customers.

Here is a compilation of some of the unforgettable places to travel that you should not miss.

1. Pompeii

Most likely you have heard people say that Italy has some of the best cuisines. It is true; Italy has some of the best pasta and pizza in the World. Why not take a trip and witness the goodness of Italy? Here is why. Other than the perfect food, the country has some well-landscaped terrains perfect for a road trip. The streets in Italy are architecturally built to preserve history. Also, ensure to visit Pompeii one of the major tourist destinations in Rome. Pompeii formed as a result of the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius about 1,700 years ago. As a result, Pompeii is buried under volcanic ash, and the process of excavating has never been completed. Once you take a walk on the site, you will discover the remains of places such as brothels and bakeries.

2. The Amazon Forest

If you want to have a surreal travel experience, visit Colombia and witness the beauty of nature. The Amazon rainforest covers a distance of about 3.3 million miles. The forest is full of wildlife, thick plantations, rivers, waterfalls, and indigenous communities. It is best to visit the place during the dry season anytime between June and December. By then, the rivers are not overflowing, and you can, therefore, take a walk through the thickets as you come face to face with deer and other wild animals.

3. Taj Mahal

India has a reputation for street congestion. However, if you visit the Taj Mahal monument, you will be left speechless by the beauty of the historic site. The place was built about 400 years ago by ruler Jahan and was meant as preservation for one of his wives. The structure was built using some of the best raw materials and by the best builders from all over the world. The building has even been named as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. When you visit India ensure to go to Agra where the monument is located and be sure to have a lifetime moment.

4. Marrakesh

Morocco is a country lined with beautiful mosques and well-maintained terrains. One place you shouldn’t miss visiting while in Morocco is Marrakesh town. The town is an ideal place for street food. The food in Marrakesh is a mixture of different cultures ranging from French, Arabic, and African. The city also has some of the best spice markets where you can buy some to carry back home. From Marrakesh, you also have the best view of the Atlas Mountains.

5. Maasai Mara National Park

Kenya is a country with rich tourism history. Most visitors opt to visit the coastal area such as Mombasa. However, if you take a road trip to Narok town where the Maasai Mara National Park is located, you will get to witness one of the major wonders of the world, the wild beast migration. The great movement happens from April to July. Also during the migration, you will witness nature at its best as the predators lurk in bushes and thickets waiting to pounce on the weakest of the wild beasts and the zebras.

6. Ibiza

Spain’s Ibiza Island is well known for its outstanding nightlife, yoga retreats, and sandy beaches. If you want to witness the glory of Ibiza, then while in Spain, make sure to visit the village of Comporta where it is located.

7. Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland is one country that has the greenest countryside. When there, make sure to take a road trip on the Wild Atlantic Way. The Atlantic Way has about 30 routes you could choose from depending on the time you want to spend on the road. Some you could get to the end in a day and others it could take you a week. Along the way, you will see many excellent pubs and hotels built like castles and therefore, you cannot go hungry or get bored. You will also view the beautiful sceneries of the Atlantic Ocean as you drive along or as you get chauffeured.

8. The Apartheid Museum

South Africa has some of the best infrastructures among the developing countries. More interestingly, the nation has been ranked among some of the best tourist destinations in the world. One of the cities to visit in South Africa is Johannesburg. While at the ‘City of Gold’ as it is commonly referred, find your way to the Apartheid Museum. The museum will give you a trip down memory lane of how South Africa struggled to gain independence. Interesting to note, the museum is a collection of photos, artifacts, films and personal narratives of some of the ordeals that occurred during apartheid.

9. Paris

France is known as the most romantic country in the world. Paris, the capital city, draws more attention than the rest of the town because of its beautiful buildings and of course, many restaurants offering the French delicacies. The city is ideal for honeymooners and couples because there are many exciting things to do and places to visit. One place you shouldn’t miss is the Eiffel Tower Monument. You could climb up to the tower and have a toast of champagne. The ideal time to take photos from the tower is during the night because it lights up and sparkles making the site magnificent.

10. The Grand Canyon

It is impossible to compile a list of travel destinations without including America. The busy streets and cities may not be preferred by adventure lovers. However, some of the most beautiful places remain unexplored. For instance, the Grand Canyon is one site that always leaves the visitors in awe. The park has beautiful caves though only one is open for public viewing. You may be lucky to visit during one of the phenomena when cloud inversion occurs. Grand Canyon is lined with geological rocks. The site is one to behold, especially during sunrise and sunset. You can view the canyon from the Mather viewpoint, or you can have an aerial view from the skywalk.

11. Great Wall of China

The wall was constructed about 2,500 years ago and stands as one of the most extended structures built on the surface of planet earth and is visible even from above. The wall took many years to make and also involved many constructors. The wall was built to protect the Chinese empire from the Mongols. However, ensure to avoid visiting during summer because you are likely to find lots of people, hence, spring is the best season as there aren’t many visitors.

There are just so many places that you should not miss traveling all over the world. At least once in your life, make a point of visiting Paris, the Grand Canyon, The Wild Atlantic Way, Marrakesh town, The Apartheid Museum, The Great Wall of China, The Maasai Mara National Park, and of course the famous Ibiza Islands in Spain for a surreal experience.

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